When and why you should use the dark theme on your smartphone

    When and why you should use the dark theme on your smartphone

    The dark theme of your smartphone is only preferred in some situations: then you should absolutely prefer it to the light one.

    Night mode has practically conquered technology: From Chrome to Firefox, via File Explorer, Windows 10, macOS, etc.

    When is it appropriate to use the light and dark theme? -GranTennisToscana.it

    Even today, some apps use a simulated dark theme on operating systems that don’t have dark mode. Having said that, we are sure that the Night mode is always better than light theme? there The answer is not clear at all.

    The dark theme of a smartphone is not always preferred

    Let’s start right away from the assumption: Black text on a white background is easier to read than the other way around (white text on a black background). It is from several points of view: the text is more understandable, so the reading speed increases and we are all happier.

    The same applies to icons and vector images: according to what science claims, they are more visible against a white background.

    A dark theme for the smartphone screen, when activated -GranTennisToscana.it

    Why is this happening? Why When the eye notices something dark – anything – Against a light background the pupil reacts to the stimulus Contracting to let in less light. in this way Increases the depth of field of the “frame” and everything appears sharper.

    Conversely, when the eye notices something bright against a dark background, the pupil dilates to let in as much light as possible, mainly because the focal point is shallow. Therefore, the dark theme should technically – in fact scientifically – harm productivity because it slows down practically all operations even the simplest ones, such as selecting numbers.

    However, according to some people, the night mode is much better. So, what is the truth? We are trying to find out.

    When it is preferable to activate the night mode

    Many users state in no uncertain terms that night mode is better than night mode. They have no doubt about it, they are absolutely sure that it is.

    a lot They prefer the dark mode especially in the evening, when the natural light practically disappears. This happens because when everything around you is dark, the long-term light emitted from the screen creates an annoying bright halo that hurts the eyes. Also – always, according to knowledge – before bed Exposure to bright light from a screen spoils sleepbecause it stimulates the brain a lot, so it is still better to stay away from it.

    Finally, there is a fact that we absolutely cannot underestimate or ignore: the Dark appearance It consumes less energy, especially if the device has an OLED screen. This happens because, unlike in backlit LCD panels, when a pixel is black, it simply turns off, has no light source, and therefore consumes less power.

    Even Google decided to conduct an experiment and realized that the consumption of maps by activating the dark mode decreases by 63%. All this affects the battery, which by activating the dark theme will also last longer.

    Having said that, is this always the best? actually no. In light of what we have said so far, The best solution is to use a light theme during the day and dark at night. Virtue, in this case too, lies in the middle.

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