WhatsApp Windows amazes users: new functions with more speed and capabilities are coming soon

    WhatsApp Windows amazes users: new functions with more speed and capabilities are coming soon

    WhatsApp continues to work on improving the user experience on Windows: two big news in the works, all the details

    The popular and beloved WhatsApp platform is always improving the platform and bringing relevant innovations not only for iOS and Android, but also for Windows users.

    Easier, faster and more intuitive use of the Whatsapp platform for Windows -ificazioneoggi.it

    Recently, in fact, the developers have renewed everything with an improved interface that is more modern, fast and intuitive, very similar to the mobile version.

    But the news doesn’t stop there, two really precious pieces of news are in the pipeline.

    Innovative aspects that could arrive in the not too distant future, which will make the platform simpler while adding more possibilities.

    the first to Two new features in WhatsApp for Windows It is about submitting a file filter, Which will allow any conversations left open to be brought to conclusions.

    An option that allows the user to immediately catch eye conversations where there are messages left in drafts, to complete them, and then send the same message.

    Here are more details and another upcoming novelty we’re working on.

    WhatsApp Windows, a filter to organize chats and pay attention to what language to set and what changes

    Sothe novelty of the filter which the developers are working on WhatsApp for Windows It is a valuable aspect for users, regarding all chats in which there are messages between drafts and they are not sent.

    Two new functions in WhatsApp for Windows, what changes – information today

    This is a new capability that allows users to better organize their chat list in a practical and efficient way.

    At the moment, the novelty is being tested and only available to some. When you pass the exams, the introduction will appear windows with the relevant update. It shouldn’t, it’s reasonable to think, take so long.

    Another novelty is also useful and allows you to do this Speed ​​up the process of changing the platform language. In detail, this can be done by accessing the WhatsApp settings directly.

    If earlier it was necessary to enter the operating system settings and change the language, then the novelty will allow you to use a different system than the one, while using the platform.

    This is a novelty that makes everything much easier and faster. In particular, for those who speak on the platform in a language other than the one they commonly use.

    This novelty is also in the testing phase, and it has been tested by some users who give their feedback to the developers.

    Access everyone who uses Windows WhatsApp application It will arrive through an update only when everything is ready, and so far there is no certain information on the timing.

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