Whatsapp will not work soon on many smartphones

    Whatsapp will not work soon on many smartphones

    There is very little missing from the tipping point that will not satisfy many people and that is related to Whatsapp. It will not be used in these cases.

    smartphone screen
    Smartphone Screen (Pixabay)

    Whatsapp will not work anymore on some cell phones. There are smartphones, on a specific date and coming soon, we will receive error messages and we will see frequent crashes. It will only take days before this series of serial hiccups occurs.

    In fact, By April 2022Starting from the first day of the month, it will be triggered that Whatsapp will not support certain class of smartphones. And this is no classic April 1st joke.

    Whatsapp will stop supporting it on the list of mobile phones, with the thing that will happen once the current month is over. After March 2022, for some models, it will not be possible to continue the version Correct performance of the application. This means that many will have to adapt.

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    Whatsapp, because it will stop working

    A person holding a mobile phone is working
    Person holding a working mobile phone (Pixabay)

    Why can Whatsapp no ​​longer be used? What devices are affected? As always in the technological field, even some devices “go out of date” at some point. They end up with the phenomenon of obsolescence. That is, they are very late in what gradually become the official supported versions.

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    versions of mobile phones Android 4.04 and iOS 9 They will not be able to support what is the latest iteration of Whatsapp. Which makes it more complicated. Therefore, in order to continue to use the most popular instant messaging application in the world for years, it will be necessary Buying a new smartphone.

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    And get rid of the old by properly disposing of it in the environment, looking for a good opportunity to barter or keep as a souvenir. If those who still own old mobile phones, which were made several years ago, do not adapt, it will be more difficult to use the Meta application.

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