WhatsApp, we could lose our account: a serious scam in place

    WhatsApp, we could lose our account: a serious scam in place

    New scam on WhatsApp for account theft. A fake friend starts a conversation that can be very dangerous. How to protect yourself from fraud.

    Whatsapp identity theft

    Danger comes from everywhere. Emails, messages and phone calls And also The WhatsApp can be sources More or less serious scams. Attention should never decrease if you don’t want to risk losing money, privacy and even l’ account. Scammers are constantly coming up with new tricks to deceive unsuspecting victims. They devise more subtle ways to unlock a safety net and achieve sinister goals. To defend against attacks you have to know How does deception happen? And work to ignore the message and report what happened to the authorities.

    WhatsApp beware: this message may force us to change smartphones

    WhatsApp, a new scam that steals the account

    Postal police warn citizens of a New scam With the aim of stealing a WhatsApp account. Scammers run, no one knows how, to get phone number from the victim. Unfortunately, the issue of privacy when it comes to social networks and the like loses its relevance and it becomes easier for hackers to find personal data and carry out frauds.

    Fake policies and scam alerts: This is how they give us fake insurance

    The latest scam sees the attacker pretending to be a friend of the intended victim. It starts by sending a message that initiates a chat conversation from which trust is established. At some point, the scammer will ask for help saying that he sent an email by mistake Six-digit code Hence ban WhatsApp. The request would be to write those six numbers and send them to him in order to solve the problem. Doing so will open that dangerous hole in the safety net and the criminals will be able to Access our account.

    How to protect yourself from fraud

    Knowing the scam, just ignore the message to protect yourself from the scam. On the other hand, if the code is sent, the account will be at risk and it will be needed Uninstall the app immediately Even if it means losing every conversation on WhatsApp. Even if we can track down the scammers and defend ourselves against the new scam, we may soon suffer another attack and then another. Therefore, you should pay attention to the operations that are performed on social networks or in general on the Web. Never provide personal information, Reply to special requests, send emoticons or Click the link. These, in fact, are the means used by the bad guys to violate privacy and carry out illegal actions.

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