WhatsApp: User requests have been listened to, discover the new updated functionality

    whatsapp aggiornamento
    whatsapp update

    WhatsApp is preparing to release a new update with a really useful feature for all users. The new version will initially only be available for iOS devices, so all Android users will have to wait for news from the developers.

    The Meta group is trying to give new life to WhatsApp which is slowly losing users, who prefer the capabilities of other competing apps. Among the many updates that are planned for the instant messaging platform will also fall Really important help in finding old messages.

    It seems that the requests made by users have finally found due attention since WhatsApp will soon implement a really useful search function, which will be initially Suggested as testing on iOS devices But that will come later Optimized and extended for devices with operating systems supported by the application.

    Nowadays, phones are no longer made just for listening to loved ones, smartphones are actually used a lot for work, and therefore the available applications must be very efficient and easy to use, as well as intuitive and fast. Zuckerberg, the head of Meta, seems to have figured out the best way forward to keep its users happy.

    The beta versions of the new update on iOS devices will finally include functionality Find old messages (but also gifs, images, audio files, documents, links and videos) by date, Thus the ability to search for contents that are exchanged on a particular day and even in a period of time chosen by the user.

    New update for WhatsApp for iOS

    Until now, if you needed to track an old message that was exchanged with a colleague, family member, or just a friend, you had to use A search tool that only allowed you to select a keyword That the app would have searched the entire database of saved files, but now things can finally change.

    Search update

    With the new feature, Apple smartphone owners will be able to create several search parametersIn fact, having access to the search function, it will be enough to type in the keywords and add the desired date or time interval. With these specifications, WhatsApp will be able to improve results.

    When developers receive enough feedback on the performance of this new functionality, they will finally be able to include other operating systems as well, which have already been able to take advantage of the latest implementations, which has finally made it possible create a conversation with yourself, Useful for passing files, keeping notes, or saving messages.

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