WhatsApp, the trick that changes the lives of many people: a real salvation

    WhatsApp, the trick that changes the lives of many people: a real salvation

    You can’t even imagine how useful this WhatsApp trick is, it has changed many people’s lives.

    we use WhatsApp To talk with our children, with our elderly parents, with school teachers. In short, we can safely say that we spend many hours of our day on the green app that everyone loves so much. We can make video calls, group chats, and send emojis to reply in a joke way. Everything is very simple and intuitive, but sometimes you may end up messed up Unpleasant situations.

    whatsapp trick
    The genius trick you didn’t know about – Grantennistoscana.it

    What are we referring to? Well, have you ever been in a conversation long enough, with one person or perhaps in a group? Those never-ending conversations which, however, consist of more or less long messages containing concepts Important for us. Nobody wants to miss important information. Sometimes, it can be a password, a PIN, or a date that needs to be remembered.

    The ‘cool’ WhatsApp trick that has changed the lives of millions of people: what it consists of

    Nobody wants to miss important information. Probably, in a business conversation, the boss said that day X would be a holiday for everyone. Or, who knows why, offices will open at 10.00 instead of 9.00. Good. If you continue to chat with hundreds, if not thousands of messages, this information will be left behind and many may miss it. Here, this is where you come into play job More useful than whatsapp: “important messages”.

    whatsapp trick that will save you
    With this method you can save messages on WhatsApp – Grantennistoscana.it

    To save an important message: Go to WhatsApp, open the chat that interests you the most, touch and hold the message that you do not want to disappear and that you need and touch the star. This message has now been saved. You will find it again by going to the three dots icon (on Android) or to the item settings Bottom right (Ios): Look for the “Important Messages” item and there it will be waiting for you. This way, your information will always be at your fingertips and nothing will escape you. Really unusual way, don’t you think?

    What if I delete messages?

    Don’t panic. there Solution For this too. If you deleted and backed up messages, you can still restore them. Let’s see how to do that.

    on android: Check if you’ve done Backups of chats. Click on the three dots at the top right, Settings, Chats, Chat backup. If you don’t, you’ll need to help yourself with other apps. If you did, then continue. to recover messages, Uninstall the app WhatsApp and then reinstall it immediately after that. Start the app, verify the number and when it asks, proceed to restore your chats and multimedia files.

    on iPhones: As always, be sure to make a backup. Settings, Chats, Chat backup. If this is done, then it’s okay, go ahead. Uninstall and then reinstall Whatsapp. Next, verify the number and tap on the Restore chat history option. If you haven’t backed up, you can try other apps, eg Dr. Phonewhich costs 59 euros.

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