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WhatsApp, the same account can be used on 4 devices (and this is not the only news) – Corriere.it

WhatsApp, the same account can be used on 4 devices (and this is not the only news) - Corriere.it

change period for The WhatsApp: After entering into force New (and Controversial) Terms of Service, the popular messaging service is preparing to implement another important innovation. This is the Multi-device function Which will allow users to connect up to four different devices to their accounts. The news was in the air Since last September, but it was publicly adopted on Thursday Mark Zuckerberg Will Cathcart, number one on the platform, ininterview conversation WABetaInfo. The job is coming, the Facebook CEO curtly predicted at first. Then I mentioned one Cathcart A public beta release scheduled for release in the next month or two To allow testers to provide their own feedback. If all goes smoothly, it is likely that the final landing in the official version will already take place by the end of the year.

WhatsApp, the same account will be possible

how will you work

Already today, upon closer examination, WhatsApp Web e WhatsApp Desktop App It allows you to use the platform from a computer. Both systems, which rely on mirroring, rely on the main smartphone connection. They do not work this if the latter is not connected to the Internet. So the multi-device function aims to overcome this barrier by selecting the four devices Independent of each other but without giving up sync: The chats in each of them will be updated in real time and will always be protected by End-to-end encryption. It has been a huge technical challenge to be able to maintain encryption on all content and on all devices Even when someone’s battery runs out – Zuckerberg said – but we’ve fixed this issue and can’t wait to roll out the update soon! Moreover, the impending introduction may bring with it another welcome surprise: The app also arrives on iPad. In fact, Cathcart answered a specific question: We’d like to support WhatsApp on the iPad! Having the functionality of multiple devices will allow us to build things like this.

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WhatsApp, the same account will be possible

other news

Not here, as Zuckerberg did too Confirmed the arrival of two more jobs expected for months: The foldable mode, through which temporary messages will be enabled by default in all new conversations, and Content that self-destructs after watching just once. We have already launched the possibility to enable temporary messages in any chat – Books -. right Now We’re about to start incognito mode, which causes messages to disappear in all of your conversations so your experience with WhatsApp becomes essentially ephemeral. Then he added: We’re also about to launch the “One Time Show” version. (“show once”, Ed), so you can send and hide the content after the recipient sees it. All this will make your WhatsApp messages more private and secure. In this case, however, Male n Zuckerberg n Catchcart Exact time. All that remains is to wait for further developments.

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