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WhatsApp, the revolution has started back to the top: great news

WhatsApp rivoluzione

WhatsApp begins the revolution, to regain consensus on competition. Let’s go to see the cool news coming to the messaging app.

The WhatsApp revolution
All news about the messaging app (via screenshot)

The desperate attempt continues The WhatsApp To continue to get support from the competition, with the app that A revolution begins. In the past few days, in fact, we saw how to apply Facebook group He loses consensus in favor of competitors cable H Signal. The new terms of service, requiring users to share data with Facebook, have raised users’ ire. Among the many innovations we also find WhatsApp games.

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In fact, the messaging app decided to introduce it Because of the mini games. The first is Names gameGame of Thrones, which takes its name from the popular TV series. The game consists of a player who must write a name and the other with the last letter of the previous name. For example, if one player chooses Marco, the next player will have to choose a name that begins with the letter “O”. So we have “Guess the object“, Which consists in taking a picture of something as abstractly as possible and then the participants will have to guess what the object is.”

The third game Truth or challengeWhere the player has to choose between truth or challenge. In the first case, the contestant will have to honestly answer a question from another participant, and in the second case, he will have to implement a challenge and eventually send a picture or video to show that the challenge has been met. In the end we find “Address buildingPlayers will have to compete by drawing on their experience in movies and TV series.

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WhatsApp, Not Just the Revolution: Beware of Scams

The WhatsApp revolution
All messaging app dangers (Image: GETTY)

He has himself The WhatsApp In the last period, a revolution has started in order to recover the missing users. In fact, to the exasperation of the users, we found not only the new terms of service but also Several scams included in the app. In the past few days we have seen how she appears again Scam coupon H Discounts are good. Here, cyber criminals are trying to steal data and cash with alleged coupons for supermarkets.

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But the most famous one is Six scam code. In fact, cyber criminals sometimes target it Account theft To the user. In this case, the fraudsters will pretend to be people seeking help by asking for their six-digit pin code. Once the user provides it, the cyber criminal will be able to run the poor user account. So we always recommend Beware of messages from strangers, Since the scam is often hidden behind.

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