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WhatsApp, Real Collapse Risk: The Three Reasons

WhatsApp crollo

There is a real risk of crashing for WhatsApp, especially due to competitors. Let’s see the three reasons that put the app at risk.

The collapse of WhatsApp
Reasons for the new drop in the number of users appear on WhatsApp (via WebSource)

It is a very difficult moment The WhatsApp Which continues to lose users and now threatens to seriously crash. In fact we’ve seen how since the start of the year I am New Terms of Service They caused a great amount of hype among the users. In fact, the app update will take effect from May 15, It will be mandatory and above all it includes sharing messaging app data with The social networking site Facebook.

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As if that wasn’t enough, however, Dr. Menlo Park There is great concern for competitors. In recent months, we’ve not only seen a rally cable, but also Signal. This latest app received a sponsorEuropean Union Based on Elon Musk The charts climbs with download upon download. So let’s go to the three reasons why Signal is stealing users from messaging apps.

WhatsApp, Signal threatens to collapse: the new messaging app is amazing everyone

The collapse of WhatsApp
Signal, the app is ready to compete with the messaging giants (via WebSource)

In recent months, around the same time as WhatsApp’s collapse, we’ve also seen a rally Signal. Brand new messaging app ensures great security of user privacy. So let’s see the three basic elements that differentiate it from The WhatsApp H cable.

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  • Algorithms – The algorithms that the app exploits are exceptional and able to make them unique. Moreover, these ensure maximum security for the user especially with regards to the privacy on the systems Android and iOS e Desktop.
  • End to end End to end – The signal includes comprehensive coding based on a A mathematical logical system. In addition, hidden security keys are constantly recreated, and this precisely allows for the security of the data in them Impossible to track.
  • Self-destruct timer – The messaging app was the first to introduce a message timer, by which self-sent texts would be destroyed. You can then post content in Fast way and video calls with high quality. In addition to that, the application is also offered Share documents, photos, audio, and more.

And therefore Signal It launches the attack on other messaging apps, and is ready to steal one of them A large segment of the audience. A strategy to be put into place in the most appropriate time is the constant breakdown of WhatsApp users. But the first goal of Signal is to beat Telegram, then achieve a big dream and reach an app Menlo Park.

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