WhatsApp, now you can also know this: the functionality that everyone has been looking for

    WhatsApp, now you can also know this: the functionality that everyone has been looking for

    Whatsapp trick
    What you can discover now with Whatsapp – velvetstyle.it

    Whatsapp is a really complete application that allows you to know much more than we can imagine.

    Many are constantly looking for features that can improve their experience on WhatsApp. As mentioned, with this app, you can really learn a lot about your contacts. These are some very important and curious features as well. A few very few steps are enough to get to what you need to know.

    WhatsApp: the new feature that is driving everyone crazy

    As a system, what we can know is whether a person is writing or Register message, whether the contact is online, when they were last connected, and much more. However, there is a big “limit”, and that is: these features are only available to those who choose to share their privacy.

    Then you can view files latest access Provided that the same privilege is granted to the other as well. Fortunately there are tricks, but Whatsapp is always ahead, in fact it is possible to notice that in the settings – when it comes to privacy – it is possible to choose whether or not to assign the share to a private group.

    This basically means that the user can choose to create a file group Family or work group are sharing information with each other only. Novelty is about knowing profiles who look at our profiles, information that will certainly be useful to everyone.

    A great feature of Whatsapp
    With this Whatsapp function you can discover something very interesting – velvetstyle.it

    We don’t always know everything about Whatsapp contacts and that person strategy It is really useful. There is a very practical way to get a lot of information on this topic. To find out if someone has added you without your knowledge or if they have removed you, there is only one thing to do: broadcast lists. Basically, with this System You can send a message to all your contacts, there is no need to create the group or different chats. So, the lists are organized on the basis of contacts, so you will be able to understand who has added you and also who shares account usage with you along with all the other information. If someone deletes you, you will know this way. Just send a dot to see who deleted you, you will not receive your message.

    By launching the broadcast you will have instant access to all this information, in fact it will be enough for you to access the list and see which of those profiles inside you do not know. They will be people you don’t have in your contacts. Instead of that pedestriansor You will be able to see who did not receive the message because they deleted you. So you can also choose how to act accordingly.

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