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Whatsapp News: It is now possible to speed up the audio. And Archived Chats … | League

Novità Whatsapp: è possibile ora velocizzare gli audio. E le chat archiviate...

Follow in the footsteps of audio streaming platforms (mainly Spotify) and cableAnd the Whatsapp now also allows users to increase the speed of voice message playback. In a world going faster and faster after long beta tests for the company-owned company The social networking site FacebookAnd the It looks like this feature has already had a massive hit.

To take advantage of modernity, this will be essential Update the application, specifically download version for Android and for iOS. Then, by starting the app, all you have to do is listen to an audio file and click on the indicator that will appear on the screen instead of the user avatar. Whatsapp allows you to set three different operating speeds: 1x, 1.5x and 2x, depending on your preferences and needs.

Thanks for this update, at last Voice notes of several minutes in length can be heard faster. Who knows if this will lead our friends and close people to further expand virtual chats …

However, let’s also prepare for more Whatsapp developments in the strictest confidence. According to a report before WABetaInfoAnd the The company would like to open the possibility of keeping archived chats permanently hidden. In fact, in the current version, the archived conversation is automatically restored to the main chats when a new message arrives.

However, it is difficult to predict the direction Whatsapp has taken to keep up with the arrogant Telegram app, a messaging app that has always been on top in terms of ease of use. Meanwhile, let’s now enjoy this news. 10-minute voice notes (and sometimes more) won’t waste us much time.

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