WhatsApp memory too full? Problem solved with these few gestures!

     WhatsApp memory too full?  Problem solved with these few gestures!

    Memory that is too full risks slowing down our mobile work. But there’s a really simple trick that fixes it all in no time.

    WhatsApp is indeed a treasure chest for our relationships and also for our life in general, but sometimes it causes malfunctions in our devices!

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    WhatsApp is one of the secure hubs in our daily life. Of course, we do not want to talk about it in terms of affection, but in terms of functionality and medium. It allows us to communicate with people who are far from us, without spending who knows how much, but also to communicate with those close to us. It allows us to always be tracked, even if we don’t want to, and in these pandemic years it has been necessary to keep friends and relatives close. Not to mention the communication function, which worries different managers a little.

    But anyway, the real main role of WhatsApp, which is often praised by all of us, is that it seems to be an endless reservoir. And it really is, if we think about it a little. All those photos, videos, audios and documents that we transfer to the messaging platform are easy to receive. But if this is certainly a positive side on the one hand, then of course it hides a negative side on the other. Unfortunately, the memory is filled with our WhatsApp content more than anything else. What should we do next?

    Let’s stay on the topic of “WhatsApp” and read some other news that might be really interesting. For example, it was announced that the world’s most popular green app will no longer work on some devices – here’s why. The following article does not deal with WhatsApp, but with a trick that is still related to our mobile phone. We are talking about the possibility of searching and finding a number of people of interest to us, without giving us the same. Well, that being said, we can move on.

    How to free our memory from many WhatsApp contents

    It should be noted that the trick in question is not an app to download, but rather is located within the platform itself. Moreover, it is necessary to specify that you will not lose anything of what you want instead to leave it on your mobile phone. Practically, the user is given all the freedom and clarity, in terms of tools, that he needs.

    Thus, the dynamic to be followed is the following. You have to open the green app and tap on those three dots. click on the sound “Settings” Then in the fourth item of this list, which is “Space and Data”. After that, another page will open and here you need to repeat the procedure on the first item, i.e. Space Management.

    How should we proceed?

    Once this is done, we will find a line of different colors showing us our memory. Green indicates how much WhastApp media is taking up memory, and yellow instead, the space other stuff and apps take up. But the rest of the memory appears in grey. Moreover, at the top it will indicate how many gigabytes are used and how many gigabytes are, however, still free.

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    The second part of the page shows the following wording Check and remove these items. In this way, it will be possible to open it and delete what we no longer need. The third and final part of the screen consists of chats and how much space their contents will take up. Also in this case, it will be possible to delete the items that we no longer need.

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