Whatsapp, how to leave groups unnoticed: a very useful trick

    Whatsapp, how to leave groups unnoticed: a very useful trick

    Leaving a WhatsApp group can be a double-edged sword and lead to many discussions that, however, can now be avoided.

    the problem Leaving the WhatsApp group we now consider completely useless, boring or uninteresting The reaction of other members of the group, who may privately ask why we are leaving the conversation.

    Exit whatsapp groups
    Silent escape from WhatsApp groups is underway – Grantennistoscana.it

    Even if this does not happen, letting many people (maybe hundreds) know that we have enough of them is not exactly the most appropriate maneuver for improving social relations, so WhatsApp decided to offer a radical solution to the problem.

    The reason Meta works so hard to protect the privacy of its users is that the main competitor i.e. Telegram makes privacy protection a motto of its success and is highly regarded for this very reason, so WhatsApp must prove that you are no less!

    How can you leave WhatsApp groups without letting anyone know (almost).

    The dream of life would of course be to sneak away from the group of school moms literally vanishing in a cloud of smoke, but not even WhatsApp has that power.

    What the app was able to do though is Significantly reduces damage. In fact, from now on, When you leave a group, the notification will not be shown to all members who are still part of that group.

    Exit whatsapp groups
    Goodbye (in silence) to WhatsApp groups – Grantennistoscana.it

    The only ones aware With specific notice it will be officials, Obviously, he has the right to monitor what is happening in the group they created and who is responsible for it. this means that, Unless the administrators decide to release the information, no one will know we left the group.

    Obviously not all administrators are reliable people and not gossip, so the advice is always to discuss first with those running the group, explain the reasons behind the decision and possibly ask for appreciation. In this way, we will avoid the unpleasant situation in which the administrator calls us specifically to understand what happened.

    Let’s come to an agreement: How can I leave a group without notifying everyone? The procedure will always be the same:

    • Join the group chat
    • Press and hold the traffic light menu at the top right (vertically aligning the three dots)
    • select “Other”
    • Click Leave Group.

    Only administrators will be notified to give up automatically.

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