WhatsApp, from polls to captions: what’s changing

    WhatsApp, from polls to captions: what’s changing

    More news WhatsApp coming. The instant messaging service continues with its updates, announcing the arrival of other functions: from surveys to sharing content with captions.

    For quite some time, WhatsApp has given its users the ability to take surveys within a range conversation. Now this functionality will be increased thanks to three additions, which will enrich the pages dedicated to group chats.

    How do polls change?

    It will be three o’clock situation Scanning is available. As announced by WhatsApp in a recent press release, we will have the items “Create polls with one vote”, “Find polls in chats” and “Don’t miss the results of polls”. What do these entries mean? In more detail, we see that with the introduction of “Create polls with one vote” we will have the possibility to send messages that allow WhatsApp users to vote only once. To achieve this, simply disable the “Allow multiple responses” option when creating a survey.

    On the other hand, Find Surveys will allow us to always find reconnaissancewithout the risk of losing it. In fact, the possibility of including “Surveys” has been given in the “Search” function. In this way, all surveys that are in the chats will be available.

    thanks for the noticesFinally, it will be possible to find out the results of the surveys. In fact, WhatsApp will send notifications to whoever created the poll, and he will be informed of the progress of his consultation (from the voters to the result).


    WhatsApp has also thought of new features for sending photos and documents, introducing the possibility Involved Content with captions.

    So it will be possible to forward multimedia content that already has one caption. The caption can thus be re-shared, deleted or modified.

    Same goes for me documents that are shared in chats. Thanks to the captions, these can also contain a brief description.


    It does not end here. with the Version WhatsApp is also thinking of better group management with the “admin review” function. In this way, in fact, those who are part of a particular group will be able to inform the administrator of the messages who will have the right to remove the message if he deems it inappropriate or in clear violation of the rules.

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