WhatsApp, finally the new anti-interference friend function. Problem solved forever, nosy slap

    WhatsApp, finally the new anti-interference friend function.  Problem solved forever, nosy slap
    WhatsApp: New feature against snoopers (Web) – www, themagazinetech.com

    WhatsApp is, par excellence, the messaging platform that provides the best protection for the privacy and security of users and their conversations.

    That is why it has been chosen by billions of users around the world. And there are still those who choose it, new users, for these reasons. Just think about encryption end to end. Thanks for that nothing conversation Multimedia content cannot be look By anyone, anywhere world. TRUE safety.

    Although, there is Busy. Those inquisitive people who, at the first opportunity, do not waste time for themselves Glance Chats, photos and videos. Of course, they can do this when another user has the extensionto request Open it and use it. Otherwise, they couldn’t. Or rather, they would have the opportunity just in case smart phones open.

    But how much is it scary The fact that he hesitates about someone who wants him Peers in someone’s privacy person? It’s kind of like peep our life. in conversation were contained Messages Private, exchanged with friends or family members. And they can be content inside it too Information sensitive or details The life we ​​don’t want anyone to know is outside the circle interested.

    finally , WhatsApp He gave a lot an opportunity to its users. In practice, he made a new one available to them job able to give one Stop final desire of others Glance Platform. In practice, it has solved lonely problems to much of him usersat this point, exhausted who are these people.

    Curious friends? WhatsApp said stop!

    Yes, WhatsApp Created a new file Careers I will be able to Stop in the cradle of desire To investigate In the life other gods curious. Even after messaging you They destroy themselvesthe encryption Which we have already mentioned, the functionality has arrived on the platform Chat lock. This allows you to do something very important and very useful.

    Basically, you can keep it blocked All the talks What do you feel anymore private. Those that you don’t want anyone to know about. To do this, that’s all you need Catch He was arrested In an individual or group chat it makes no difference, eg To determine option roadblock. Once blockedwill be entered into one Folder protected by password Or a fingerprint or face ID.

    By doing so, the notice by the arrival of a message from that addressee, no will make Visible Nothing for you no one. course for open it And chatting inside it, you should Uses the road option To lock and unlock. We are sure that thanks to this brand new CareersAll the curious present in the world They will disappear.

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