WhatsApp, everything changes with the new update: the latest news is really cool

    WhatsApp, everything changes with the new update: the latest news is really cool

    Updates on WhatsApp are never ending, with the app launching another novelty: what will happen soon to users.

    Check out the thousandth update on WhatsApp, ready to simplify users’ lives within the app. In fact, a change in one of the latest jobs will soon be announced: let’s find out all the details.

    The WhatsApp
    Latest news coming to the messaging app (via screenshot)

    In the last few hours The WhatsApp Launched another beta update of the app for Android by Google Play Beta program. In fact, the trial version number has arrived the most interesting news regarding Ephemeral messages. However, this new feature is still under development and is not even available to beta testers.

    Furthermore, this update may be a precursor to access messaging trend, group surveys, community, but also Updates for photo editing and restrictions on message forwarding. So the upcoming new feature is about the ability to keep temporary messages within the chat. In fact, the treatment can be done by following these steps: Settings > Privacy > Default Message Timer > No.

    So soon it will be possible to keep only specific messages within the chat. WhatsApp will ask you with a confirmation message if you are sure of your action, even if you can delete the temporary message later.

    WhatsApp, how to stop and then resume the sound: soon also on Android

    The WhatsApp
    The new feature in the messaging app (via screenshot)

    A new update has arrived on the channel WhatsApp beta for Android. We are talking about Version From the app that offers the ability to interrupt the audio while it is being recorded, and then resume it at a later time. This feature is already fully functional for all users an Apple. This is a real boon for any user who receives a call while on the go By recording audio They are forced to cancel it.

    Once the innovative function finishes the tests on Trial version And it will go to the stable version, then the user will have the possibility to interrupt the audio for any possibility and then resume it later. Moreover, all users will have the ability to pause the audio even without receiving a call. Also on the version WhatsApp Beta about Android You will also be able to see the sound waves when you speak.

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