WhatsApp, armored chats are coming: what they are and why they are a hack I finally sleep peacefully

    WhatsApp, armored chats are coming: what they are and why they are a hack I finally sleep peacefully
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    A lot of news is coming on the well-known messaging platform owned by Meta, WhatsApp and all of them will make the users happy.

    For example, if we talk about issuance windowsWe find a very important one heresy. And that’s about me VowelsOr rather, theirs reproduction. Until now, if you heard a vowel, you couldn’t do anything else, otherwise playback would stop. with next to updateNow in the testing phase, you can freely do other things while you are doing it They will listen Vowels.

    It really matters that they don’t will prevent More users in the chat for a lot more time. Then there is one, which is also great, but it affects all users android. It will arrive soon because it is also in the testing phase. This, however, will not concern vowels, however States to WhatsApp. Yes, because the developers have thought of something very cool.

    Practically speaking, once it is released under the stable version, the new feature will allow users to share their status in a file date Facebook from your account. Yes, you get it right. And they will be able to do so without leaving a file platform. Everything will go to automatic. Just click on sharing On the blue social.

    But there is one heresy Which he literally does wraps head for all users Who can’t wait to be able to Uses. They are above all Lovers crazier than Privacy For prayer to have this feature Exam It arrives very soon within version stable affiliateto request. Let’s see what it is.

    A very important hack is coming: Armored Chats.

    Yes, that’s what they call it. It’s a point Basic For all those who love Privacy And they hate all of those curious Those who browse other people’s things, especially talks private. In this way, the file developers They will allow to keep armoredprotected from these prying eyes, le conversation who cares about him the most.

    iOS News That Will Please Everyone (Web) – www.themagazinetech.com

    This is new Careershowever, it will only be reserved for users iOS. But let’s see what happens. Basically once hiring conversation like armoredto be able to open it, view messages, and work within it, you’ll need to authentication. like? or with face id or with Connection ID. Once the chat is blocked, you will be taken to a dedicated section.

    No one will be able to get to the latter without being there first documented. gimmick wow which allows all users iPhone to sleep Sleeps Don’t worry. No one will dare again Glance their chats. Or rather, they wouldn’t be able to do it unless he was conversation Which is not among those who are considered Important.

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