Whatsapp, are you curious to know if you are being spied on? Here’s the foolproof method


    Are you afraid that someone is spying on you? There is a way to find out who is spying on you on WhatsApp and also a trick to hide most of our personal information on the app.

    Always constantly evolving, WhatsApp stays with always new functions to offer to its users on the platform of the most used messaging app in the world. It allows us to share photos, videos, stickers, gifs and much more with our closest friends and, unfortunately, also with people we don’t know or don’t want to know more about us.

    Phone in hand with WhatsApp screen

    In fact, some people use this app to spy on other users, constantly checking the latest accesses made, the information on the account, and the profile picture. If we want to escape from prying eyes, there is a way to protect our privacy.

    We do not recommend any app to track down anyone who is spying on us, because these apps often hide viruses and malware. WhatsApp does not specify who views the photo or other profile details. But there is a trick we can use to our advantage.

    How do you know who is spying on us?

    In recent years, WhatsApp has integrated a function to imitate social networks, which is Stories. This functionality hasn’t had much success in the messaging app, but there are still those who use Stories to share the most intimate aspects of their lives with their contacts, compared to Instagram or Facebook where our audience is larger.

    If you also use WhatsApp stories, you need to know that not only your contacts can view them. In fact Anyone who has your number can see itEven if you don’t have it saved in your address book. Sometimes it is enough to be placed in a WhatsApp group with people we don’t know are keeping our number to spy on us or contact us. However, this can soon be avoided, because one is in the way A new function that allows us to decide whether to include it in a group or not.

    Going back to the stories, we can use them to our advantage. To find out who is spying on you on WhatsApp Just click on “condition” Then he arrives “my case”. At this point, to continue, it is necessary to click on the eye icon. In this way, in fact, it is known List of users who viewed the status.

    For a realistic overview, this is fine Post different photos in a row for a few days, in order to see if there are users who are constantly viewing thembecause they may be most interested in getting the information.

    If you are an individual Someone you want to prevent from seeing new updatesjust click on the symbol (…), which is located at the top right, and click on the item “settings”. Once you get to this section, it’s a good idea to click on the items Account, privacy and statusAnd on the screen that appears, you need to click on the option “My contacts except…“.

    This way it is possible Show your status to all of your contacts, except for some users. Alternatively, it is possible to press the option “Share only with … “to show your status only to a certain number of well-selected users.

    How to hide your profile picture

    us too Anyone can see the profile pictureIn any case It can be hidden Whom we don’t want and only those who are in our contacts.

    If you have android You just need to go to settings and click Account – Privacy – Profile pictureIn the box that appears, select the item you prefer among the following:Everyone” or “My Contacts” or “Nobody” If, accordingly, you want everyone to see your photo (even those whose number you do not have), then only your contacts or no one can see it.

    Similar procedure for who has iPhones: Go to settings (bottom right) and tap accounts and then Privacy. The screen that appears will be similar to the Android screen: you just need to put a tick Everyone, My Contacts, or Nobody Choose who you want to show your profile picture to.

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