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WhatsApp, an important expansion of group calls: it is getting closer to the competition

WhatsApp, an important expansion of group calls: it is getting closer to the competition

Finally expanding on conference calls: Mark Zuckerberg must fulfill an important promise he made in 2022.

A feature that was promised over a year ago, and which has not yet been fully delivered. Exactly in 2022, WhatsApp expanded group calls to respond to Telegram and Signal attacks. with group callsand promised that the participants would be brought a maximum of 32.

WhatsApp, how group video calls will change – internet.tuttogratis.it

So far, none of this has happened. Meaning, users can start a conference call Only a maximum of 7 contacts, to then reach 32 fateful units. Thanks to the recent update to WhatsApp beta for Android, available on the Google Play Store, the always-informed wabetainfo has found that something is changing.

Although Mark Zuckerberg is a bit behind his announced 2022 roadmap, he plans to Accepting the request of billions of users, above all, Keep that promise Made about a year ago.

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t fold, he multiplies

In fact, from the screens shown by wabetainfo, it turns out that the important expansion with regard to conference calls has doubled. Now you can select up to 15 people When creating a new group call. As always, these users will be able to join the call at any time, and join the group even after the call has started.

WhatsApp, double the number of users who can participate in creating a group call – internet.tuttogratis.it

With this function, the novelty is here even if at the moment it is available to beta testers, the number of people that can be selected has increased from 7 to 15, It is understood that conference calls can go up to thirty-two.

The update mainly focuses on improving the convenience of selecting participants during the group call creation process, which It is by no means a small detailespecially in the case of business calls.

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Refresh is the face Simplify the process of creating a conference callEffectively double the number of participants that can be included directly when starting a call. A way to have instant and intuitive conversations.

These improvements also save time as the group caller can instantly select a large number of contacts to start a call with, making calling more convenient for them.

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