WhatsApp alert, they send you a picture and steal your mobile data.Maximum alert, this is how you defend yourself

    WhatsApp alert, they send you a picture and steal your mobile data.Maximum alert, this is how you defend yourself
    WhatsApp: Spy Images (Web) – themagazinetech.com

    In the world, the WhatsApp messaging platform has more than 2 billion active users, while in Italy it has 35 million users.

    These are impressive numbers that put it at the top of the ranking of the most used messaging platforms in the world. These impressive numbers are due to the constant updates that bring many new features and the constant protection of the privacy and security of the data and the users who use WhatsApp.

    New features are already in great number. Let’s start with the different groups that exist. We all know about subgroups that can be created. We are talking about a newborn community. After that, there is an option to add a longer description of it than before. And then, how can you not think of captions for the documents to be sent.

    In practice, users have the possibility to write a short comment so that the recipient already knows the content of the document. In addition, there is something very interesting that you can make. We are talking about Avatars. Users can use them as profile pictures and also as stickers to send to other users.

    The last very important feature we want to tell you about is the ability to send a larger number of photos at the same time. In fact, the number has grown to as many as 100 photos and videos. Just in terms of photos, there is a critical issue that we want to tell you about in the article. You have to be very careful, otherwise you may fall victim to theft and fraud.

    Images that appear harmless and are instead tools for illegal activities.

    You must be wondering how such a thing is possible. Well, for the time being, remember that really anything is possible. We will try to explain to you in detail how these criminals work and tell you how to avoid falling into their traps. Our first tip is to pay close attention. Now let’s see how it works. The mechanism is very simple.

    Some images can spy on the device and steal data: be careful! (Web) – themagazinetech.com

    These criminals connect to their browser and search for an attractive, attention-grabbing image. Once done, they copy the image link and go to the site: “iploggerAnd this is where their magic happens! They paste the link into the tape and click the button: “Create a short linkOnce done, they will copy it and be free to paste it into as many conversations as possible. What users will get will be a beautiful image with a link.

    And if they click on the picture, their troubles begin. In fact, from the moment of clicking, cybercriminals will be able to see the IP address, device model, location and will be able to know many other data including passwords of different applications. Of course, even banks. When something like this comes to you, don’t ever click! Otherwise, you will have to say goodbye to something really important.

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