What you are risking and what you should know

    What you are risking and what you should know

    Chicken is a very healthy food but can become dangerous if cooked frozen: here’s what you should know about the risks.

    the chick It is considered one of the healthy foods, and it is no coincidence that it is distinguished by the high amount of nutrients it contains. Despite this, it can become extremely hazardous to health when it is frozen. In this regard, there is information that everyone should know in order to avoid facing very serious consequences for their health.

    This is why you should never cook frozen chicken
    Cooking frozen chicken has risks that are good to know – Mammeincucina.it

    In fact, when you decide to cook them after you’ve frozen them, it’s important to be aware of all the potential risks you face. What we will provide below is information that will prove particularly useful to anyone who habitually eats and cooks the food in question frozen.

    Chicken, why is it never frozen?

    meat chick It is very lean and low in fat. It is not surprising that it is especially indicated in the diet of those who intend to lose weight. But besides being a low-calorie food, chicken is also distinguished by its high amount of beneficial properties. In particular, it appears to be rich in proteins that help remove toxins accumulated within the body.

    This is why you should never cook frozen chicken
    Frozen chicken should never be cooked – Mammeincucina.it

    Moreover, not everyone knows that chicken is a natural stress reliever thanks to the presence of vitamin B5 and tryptophan. These are substances that generate great well-being by reducing physical and mental stress. Finally, food contains magnesium in large quantities: it is a mineral salt essential for a healthy organism. In any case, regardless of its characteristics, it is important to know that chicken meat should never be frozen; This is especially true when it has already been cooked.

    In this case, the risk is very serious for health because it is a habit that can expose one to a series of contraindications that it is necessary to know.

    First, freezing chicken can cause it to lose its flavor and in fact can become drier once thawed. The reason lies in Loss of water from food during freezing.

    Secondly, the most serious risks relate to the method of defrosting the meat in question. In the event that it does not happen in the right way, in fact, one will face Very serious foodborne illnesses.

    In this regard, many people usually defrost room temperature but in fact The safest way is to use the refrigerator. In fact, chickens must be kept inside for at least 24 hours. This will allow the meat to defrost gradually, avoiding the multiplication of bacteria that are dangerous to oneself and others.

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