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What will you see this weekend (20-21 March) on TV, according to Matteo Vecino

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What you’ll see on TV this weekend: Column TPI

Also this week, Netflix is ​​not showing meritorious releases. The platform appears to be manipulating political correctness in a way that is perhaps extremely unfair. It’s a strange phenomenon, now that in places of catwalk power, from the United States to Italy, there are finally women, the courage to take risks in powerful actions seems to be lost. Netflix’s Italian division has not, since its inception, produced work of true quality or freedom of expression. The American department alternates masterpieces such as Unpolished gems (rough diamond) For low-grade disasters. We’re far from the mid-range quality of the early Netflix experience, which started with a bang with the movie Monsters without a nation, Which I recommend, is still in the catalog, and Card HouseS, in addition to “acquisitions” Too bad H Black mirrorWhich is considered to this day the true and wonderful jewel in the history of television in terms of series, surrounded, remotely, Ozark And a few others.

I would like to tell you about a strange coincidence that sees Netflix and Amazon Prime as heroes in a kind of “industrial espionage” that refrained from intellectual property. Both systems were recently released by photographic producers: Soulmates (Amazon Prime Video) H The One (Netflix). The two series start from an original idea, the idea of ​​the episode Hang The DJSeason 4, episode 4 of the series Black mirror.

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We scan the field immediately. Hang The DJ puts the two series in his pocket with just one episode. In addition to being original, the Black Mirror episode contains something that hasn’t been made with a good production: genius. Charlie BrookerThe author of “Black Mirror” is a genius. Always insert this magic comma. His followers simply don’t.

The idea behind everything is an algorithm, or combination of genetic analysis of DNA, pheromones, and hormones, that is able to predict who our soulmate is. After all, it is said, isn’t it? “A question of chemistry.” Sometimes we meet someone with whom we seem to have already seen, with whom we immediately enter into a coexistence. How many times have we met a stranger or stranger on the street and felt a very strong attraction, and after a few seconds, like a leash dog, we go on with our lives? This, technically, is the “hook” of both series. They both start from English ideas, and in Soulmates The creators were part of the Black Mirror team. The connotation of UK, let’s just say it, makes both producers a little bit “British drama”, although Soulmates, Amazon, has a budget than I’ve seen higher, as well as the color that a series filmed in London inevitably does not contain .. The products always enjoy Filmed in the UK with this unusual “sadness” due to a certain set of representations, climatic conditions and reflections in London’s architecture. At the same time, it is always a pleasure to travel, albeit with reason, in these terrible moments for our community. Soulmates “Anthology”, like the Black Mirror, each episode with new actors and a new story, the one It is one story that almost inevitably ends up in the thriller like all consumer and entertainment products. If I have to give you some advice, I will go for The One. It is more acceptable, albeit less authority. The plots are almost copied: once you give us a compatibility test result for a soulmate, what do you do with your partner? It kind of happens in life. Once we find a better person to accompany us, what do we do? In any case, both of them can be forgotten.

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It’s now also a war between Amazon and Netflix over content. The Amazon catalog, which has always been “fiery,” is expanding a lot. In the Amazon catalog there are a few “bombs” from the history of cinema: from Back to the futureOne of the greatest scenarios ever written, to this day 1917And many other masterpieces like The intangibleAnd the The GodfatherAnd the Dirty danceAnd the John F. KennedyAnd the The freewheelingMany masterpieces of the eighties, the era of the heyday of American cinema. In the series, the two Amazon spearheads I recommend are the two Wonderful Mrs. MaiselAnd the The boysAnd, separate but solid, Jack Ryan.

For fans of composed cinema, another way to define “good movie”, I recommend this week on amazon NebraskaOscar for Best Picture, and boyhood, Many Academy Awards and many Golden Globe Awards for an innovative and touching film, albeit giant in length, but that was the challenge. On the 80’s theme, you’ll find it on Star and Disney + The final confrontation of the aliensBy James Cameron. An action movie that after thirty-five years still retains tremendous emotions, especially when viewed in HD with new technologies. Elderly people will remember some lines from the history of cinema that prominent personalities who entered the history of cinema through the truth spoke, and which mention the names of those who grew up in those years all the names, from “Ripley” (Sigourney Weaver), To “Vasquez”, “bishop”, etc. Aliens is the story of a group of Marines trapped in a space base full of aliens, and they were filmed from the air of a very talented director who wanted to win the challenge of making a better movie than Ridley Scott: “Maybe sir, he’s not presently present from recent events, but … We were expelled in Pal ** !! “, or” They came out of the damned walls! “, Or again:” I say take off, and nuclear weapons, it is the only security. ” Other times, other directors, other movies. Another unforgettable world, the world of real cinema.

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Skip and run, obviously, from any Italian movie or series in any catalog. Good vision!

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