What will change in the coming months

    What will change in the coming months

    From 2023, the Rai license fee will be separated from the electricity bill only to be billed separately. Back to the old system.

    Rai Electricity Bill Fee
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    It is no mystery that the rai fee is the most hated tax of the Italians. Although the amount is small, the idea of ​​having to pay for a potentially unusable service continues to impress almost anyone. In recent years, that is, starting with the reform introduced by then Prime Minister Renzi, attempts have been made to mitigate its impact, including it in the electricity bill and, accordingly, Make payment “invisible”. Or in any way without bearing the burden of paying another payment. An idea that worked only partially. In fact, most taxpayers have welcomed the idea of ​​standardizing the obligation to pay, even if it has exploded multiple times for a total of €90 per year.

    In this way, in fact, it was recognized that each family unit had at least one television to benefit from the national television service. Forcing those who did not fall into the category Proof that it is virtually free of such devices. However, today this logic seems more outdated, because even if you do not own the TV (and therefore do not pay the Rai license fee), the same services can be enjoyed through other devices. That is why, in recent months, the hypothesis of extending the commitment to mobile devices has also been floated, as is already the case in other countries.

    Are you exempt from the fee? You can pay it off: Pay attention to the date

    Rai license fee, change of route: how will it be paid

    Obviously, the decision to include RAI’s license fee in the electric bill also had another purpose: to fight tax evaders. In fact, what appears on TV is a tax in all respects and failure to pay it will lead to the practice of evasion. However, the very choice of government made Europe lift its nose, for its time as well. Also in the wake of this conflict, as early as 2023 The fee for licensing the opinion will be separated from the bill, to become a separate tax again. With all the exceptions provided for in the case. In practice, for those who continue to pay it, the invoice to be delivered directly containing the amount of the fee must be met. A solution proposed by the European Commission to Italy simply by questioning the possibility of blocking funds from the NRP programme.

    Rai license fee, how often will we pay in 2022: the answer is not clear

    Moreover, separate billing will also re-order about regularity of payment. This is because a private company will normally not be able to collect state taxes that are not related to the energy sector. Since the government decided to take strict measures against tax evasion, Increased controls should be discouragingand those who wish to exempt themselves from payment without having the right to exemption. As for extending the tax on mobile devices, the proposal was not pursued, and expired long before 2022. In essence, nothing will change. If anything, it must be remembered that, in the calendar, there will be an additional flyer again.

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