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What we learned from Carlos Tavares’ long visit to the Cassino factory

Carlos Tavares

The seven hours that Carlos Tavares spent yesterday at the Cassino factory signify a real change of pace. Portuguese director, CEO of Stellantis, loved by unions. Everyone likes him a little for his approach to people, Far from being discrete and based on knowledge of values ​​in the field.

The tour, which took place these days, is the first as a great president of the new corporate structure in which he has unified Just FCA and PSA, in the former major Italian factories FCA, are definitely an important factor for the auto sector in a country like Italy that has seen a merger between the two big groups. Possible awe.

Through authentic gestures and manners, Carlos Tavares makes people feel that one can believe in Stellantis, that the whole of Italy still believes in relaunching its brands and that its workers (among the most efficient in the world) can truly breathe a sigh of relief. satisfaction.

Gestures and sensations

The sensations surrounding Tavares’ tour seemed very relaxing. There is a tangible reality in where CEO Stellantis has become the protagonist, a virtue that may have been a little lost on the street in the FCA’s recent past and comprised of many appearances and perhaps a few nods. In Tavares Stellantis he found the manager you want, capable and direct, competent and car-loving: at least the suggestions lead to this interesting insight.

Tavares Cassino
Carlos Tavares with John Elcan inside the Cassino Factory

Knowing that, thanks to his excellent driving, he was able to revive a recently appeared Peugeot with obvious difficulty, which is an original warranty certificate for those Italian brands expecting a true relaunch. Yesterday’s landing at Cassino is very symbolic In a way it’s also connected to the evolving team of brands for the new Galaxy device. Carlos Tavares has come to Cassino to see with his own eyes (accompanied by John Elcan, President of Stilantis) as the most interesting ex-FCA cars are being produced, but also to experience the discontent that often accompanies long weeks of layoffs.

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Tavares’ expected arrival in Cassino was formalized around 7.40am, as he was driving a Maserati Quattroporte alone with four Alfa Romeo Stelvio cars. The landing of the Cassino plant represents the perfect moment for Tavares to try to understand and know everything that is necessary, starting with running a sophisticated plant set up for production at very high speeds which today, for various reasons, is affected by a very important crisis: the plant today produces only 15% of the total for which it is designed . Tavares appears to have found some clear weaknesses that should definitely be reviewed To restore dignity to a place somewhat like Holy Grail For the car. The revival of Cassino will continue through Alfa Romeo and Maserati.

Humility and close communication with the workers

It appears that a new platform will be developed in Cassino that should be more beneficial from an economic point of view and is widely open to diversified functional aspects, especially when compared to the excellent Giorgio platform on which Julia and Stelvio are based. Self The new Maserati Grecal It will be the most authentic spirit of Cassino, and it seems like there is also space for another Premium car that can stand next to it. You should always check in Cassino. Number one, however, will remain the relaunch of Alfa Romeo and Maserati by having Cassino as a fixed point.

Tavares Cassino
Carlos Tavares arrives in Cassino yesterday

Then Tavares spoke with the workers, He explicitly asks to meet them thus avoiding unnecessary marches and ritual walks. A sincere relationship with workers is a fundamental step in the policy of the new CEO who is touring Italy and its production plants, and makes it clear that he wants to understand the problems by directly addressing what needs to be done in order to try to improve everything immediately. You have to learn from those who come face to face with real work, real productive work, and Carlos seems to have understood all of this. In his ways humility and this does not mind at all. Especially for unions that have left themselves fascinated with sincere gestures and suggestions.

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