What to eat to protect the kidneys | There is always a dish to take away

    What to eat to protect the kidneys |  There is always a dish to take away

    What do you eat to protect your kidneys and keep them healthy and efficient? The advice to always follow for lunch and dinner.

    What do we eat to protect the kidneys? Unfortunately, diseases and problems with these two important mirror organs are not lacking. It is also one of the most sensitive areas of the human body and it is necessary to do everything to ensure that it functions optimally.

    Kidney illustration
    Kidney illustration (Photo Canva – Ricettasprint.it)

    In order to allow them to stay healthy constantly, it is good to know what to eat to protect the kidneys. As you can imagine, it’s about saving us Good, healthy and natural food.

    Of vegetable and animal origin. We are spoiled for choice about what to eat to protect our kidneys. However, there is a very specific and at the same time little known food that can carry out an important protective process towards these organs.

    This thing should lead us all to consider including this food at least twice a week in our daily menu. We will only provide protection for the kidneys and various other benefits for our body.

    What do you eat to protect your kidneys

    As it appears from the many observations that have been made to confirm the nutritional properties of this food, we must not miss a certain type of fish in our dishes.

    blue fish
    Blue fish (Photo Canva – Ricettasprint.it)

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    The foods that come from the sea in themselves are very good for you because they contain good fats and substances such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, as well as many minerals such as phosphorous and much more.

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    Any fish we eat for our health

    To protect the kidneys – as well as the bones – an average of three times every seven days, fish is very good for us.

    Fresh trout
    Fresh trout (Photo Canva – Ricettasprint.it)

    And in particular the color blue, which is represented by:

    • swordfish;
    • Sardines.
    • anchovies.
    • cod;
    • sheath.
    • mackerel;
    • salted fish;
    • amberjack.
    • Whitebit.
    • Bonito.
    • garfish;
    • cheers.
    • dolphin.

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    Which they can also take turns anyway Seabass, salmon, sea bass, prawns, prawns and tuna. Not to forget the trout, which has no saturated fat and is very rich at the same time Vitamins E, D and B12 So is Omega 3.

    All this can also be accompanied by a good side dish made with fresh seasonal vegetables. The recommended cooking, both for the latter and for the fish, is broiling or broiling, in order to ensure as much quality as possible in terms of texture and flavour.

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