Home Tech What is “time crystal” and how did Google view it

What is “time crystal” and how did Google view it

Cosa sappiamo sul cristallo temporale osservato dall'avanzatissimo processore Google

Google Scholars note a An artifact with a futuristic name: a time crystal. And they did it with equally sophisticated equipment: a quantum computer.

What are time crystals

It is located around a “new stage”, theory for several years by some researchers. It is not about solids, liquids, gases, crystals, etc.

To further clarify this aspect, we need to go back The second law of thermodynamics, which states that systems naturally tend towards thermal equilibrium, i.e. a Less useful and more accidental.

For example, if we pour coffee into a glass of milk, then the first will initially be at the top of the liquid in the container. However, over time, it will dissolve throughout the milk, reach “system equilibrium” and distribute itself Carelessly inside the milk.

From this point of view, Time crystals are an exception, because They cannot stabilize themselves in thermal equilibrium. In other words It does not degenerate into randomness but oscillates between two configurations The process can continue indefinitely.

What is a quantum computer and what is its purpose in the experiment

via Google Quantum WizardScientists were able to clone a “quantum mechanical system” that can be compared to a certain amount of coins in a chest. According to the second law of thermodynamics, the coins were supposed to be arranged randomly when the box was shaken: we would expect to find about half with the head pointing up and about half with the cross in sight.

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Thanks to the Google processor, the researchers applied a series of specific quantitative operations, which can Changing the state of the qubits (For example, in our example, coins). At this point “time crystals” defy all expectations: the system, after a certain number of processes, or shocks, Detects non-random qubit configuration, but it looks exactly the same asoriginal setting.

“The first ingredient that makes a time crystal is that Remember what he was doing in the beginning. Do not forget ”, says one of the study authors. In fact, if we had conducted this experiment live, the order of the coins would have been random: “In a time crystal system, no.”

However, those who follow the news on the topic of technology with some diligence may not be the case that not all Google experiments can be said to have been successful: it is no secret that it is a graveyard google app It is very wide. Some of Big Tech’s failed experiments even became a “cult”, hence the decision From the Internet Archive to save Google+ (Google social network).

Giuseppe Giordano

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