Home Tech What is correct in changing Xiaomi’s orientation on proximity sensors?

What is correct in changing Xiaomi’s orientation on proximity sensors?

What is correct in changing Xiaomi's orientation on proximity sensors?

Emmanuel Sisotti

Spoiler: Practically nothing.

In the past few hours, on many websites dealing with technology and smartphones, news has spread about Xiaomi’s change of direction regarding Proximity sensors on your smartphones. But let’s consider a hypothesis: why are we talking about proximity sensors on Xiaomi smartphones? If you are asking yourself this question it is because you probably do not realize that many of the latest smartphones xiaomi They use the ultrasonic proximity sensor instead of the classic proximity sensor. This sensor should detect how close the ear is to the screen and cause the latter to turn off during phone calls, but Xiaomi’s choice (also confirmed by for us TestHe was unhappy several times.

These sensors are manufactured by the company Elliptical Labswhich also produces sensors of this type for other companies. The modernity that has moved the web in recent days started from xiaomi today Which reported on how Xiaomi is investing in Mingao sensor A small company that produces various types of electronic components, which ignites hope that Xiaomi can replace Elliptic Labs sensors with more accurate ones.

It’s unfortunate that the news is probably unfounded, given that Minghao Sensing does not produce proximity sensors. However, the news, which we initially chose to ignore, has now found its way across the web, Might ignite some false hope too much. Some sites even talked about one Ending the partnership between Elliptic Labs and Xiaomi, News not reflected anywhere.

Therefore, if the news that Xiaomi has acquired Minghao Sensing does not seem to be connected in any way to the problem of the company’s smartphone proximity sensors, then there is no doubt that Xiaomi will not be able to remain steadfast in the face of facts and complaints. of users. A survey on the Chinese Xiaomi forum a few months ago (now removed) seems to confirm that the company has Take this very seriously.

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