What is comprehensive income – QuiFinanza

    What is comprehensive income – QuiFinanza

    The crisis, albeit with different sides, is spreading throughout Europe and beyond. In the old continent, some countries are trying to implement a response in terms of social assistance, in order to ensure a decent daily life.

    This gives a little insight into the concept of basic income, but only in part. Let’s take for example the experience in the UK, which will start issuing a large amount of pounds, model-style Enter worldwide.

    universal income in the UK

    The world is changing and the gap between social classes is becoming increasingly apparent. The poverty line is advancing and the state of poverty is eating up issues that we would once define as mediocre.

    Many are forced to survive, especially if you have the strange idea of ​​having children, which governments propose at the same time on several occasions. What made the news spread so quickly was undoubtedly the number in question. Actually, let’s have a good talk 1,875 euros per month, guaranteed for 2 years.

    However, as mentioned earlier, this is an experiment and given the amount of assistance provided, it cannot be believed that it will cover a large part of the population. Something like this already happened in Wales in 2022, and 500 people were involved. On the other hand, in the UK, there will only be 30 guinea pigsso to speak, who for two years, to name a few, will receive 1875 euros per month, which is equivalent to 1600 pounds.

    He’s talked about it will Strong, project manager. Interview by Watchman, He explained how the figure is much higher than what global income should be. The latter, in fact, aims to cover expenses related to essential and basic goods.

    However, increasing the bar will serve to understand the benefits to the mental and physical health of the people involved, regardless of whether they choose to work or not at this point.

    How will the experiment work?

    If you ever decide to implement universal income in the UK, the experience with such a high figure, such as €1,875, will allow Determine the correct threshold to ensure more serenity, net of the individual’s private labor activity. In fact, the goal is not to keep people at home, but to let them live and work, not live for the sake of work.

    Thirty topics will be They are randomly selected from among those who will apply in two citiesJarrow and East Finchley. It is expected that at least 20% of places will be reserved for people with disabilities. Regardless of economic circumstances, the selected persons will receive the amount for two years, without any obligation to look for a job.

    At the same time, another group will be selected that will not receive support. A control group, in fact, in order to compare the well-being of different people and the impact of financial assistance on them.

    What is comprehensive income?

    when it comes to b Universal Basic Income refers to a European proposal This ensures the social security systems of the EU member states. All for the sake of address inequality And grow as a community, leaving no one behind. The following are the four criteria that characterize this pension concept:

    • It is disbursed without the requirements and restrictions set by assets or income;
    • Everyone has the right, regardless of their marital status;
    • It is a right of human dignity and therefore not subject to preconditions;
    • The amount should be sufficient for a decent standard of living, and to prevent poverty.

    As indicated at the beginning, only the income of a citizen is mentioned, but these two concepts are very different. Indeed, in Italy there are different limits and the obligation to accept job offers is required, especially in the restructuring of the project by the Meloni government. Added to this is another enormous difference, given by the economic value, which should guarantee security by not falling below the poverty line.

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