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What happens to those who don’t pay?

What happens to those who don't pay?

Bad news for those who do not pay the installments of scrapping, balance and extracts. So let’s get into the details and see what the consequences could be.

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In order to counteract the spread of the virus, we have been asked for more than a year to pay attention to various precautions. Unfortunately, these actions have led to many businesses closing their doors, with inevitable negative consequences for many families, who constantly find themselves having to carry out arithmetic operations in their pockets. If all this wasn’t enough, many fear having to deal with some past debt with tax, such as tax bills.

In this particular context, premiums Skimming, balancing and extracting For those who joined the financial peace. An important measure, as many of those who decide to join and who risk facing serious consequences in the event of non-payment take risks. So let’s get into the details and see what we can know about it.

Tax peace, bad news for those who don’t pay: Everything you need to know

assigned to September 30 The deadline to pay the scrapping, balance and write-off installments originally due is July 2020. But what are the consequences for those who do not pay? Well, for those who have joined the FPA, it is important to make the payment by the due date, or in any case with no more than the 5-day grace period permitted by law.

If not, in fact, yes They will lose all the benefits of financial peace. An aspect that should not be overlooked, especially given that, based on some data provided by Italia Oggi, it appears that at the moment at least 800,000 payments are missing compared to those projected by the revenue collection agency, totaling 4 billion.

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This means that there are many who, in the event of non-payment, enter the predetermined date, and risk losing comparative advantages. But not only that, they will have to deal with a file Recalculation of debts owed in full with Penalties and benefits. If all this is not enough, we are heading towardsThe impossibility of being able to postpone again Previous debts with the tax authorities.

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However, there are exceptions. In accordance with the provisions of the restart decree, in fact, those who have not paid the installments of the balance, extracts and invalidation that expired in 2019 can access the installments of the proportional installments. The same shall apply, in this case provided for by the Resta Decree, for debts relating to the first and second cancellation, provided that the deadline set on December 31, 2021 is respected.

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