What happened and how was it

    What happened and how was it

    during a loopFamous Island On May 22, 2023, Paulo had to withdraw from the match. she has health conditions the doctor He made an order that, unfortunately, he will have to give up the race. Paul has proven himself especially well I tried this decisionbut the choice is not his and therefore, he judges himself sorry but also “already a winner” because for him it was a great experience.

    How is he and what was Paulo Nuyes

    We knew he had to leave the island due to a medical issue, but it wasn’t specified which. Much has been talked about depressionthe wife He posted some stories in which he specializes clarity.

    Stephanie Caroli through stories Facebook He talked about the withdrawal of Paolo Noise from Isola dei Famosi due to health problems. Currently in Mexico, it has made great worry Her husband’s health condition confirms the seriousness of the situation it requires Further medical investigations. He said:

    OK Mexico And it wasn’t easy because I did it sacred very very much. has not been square (emission of liquid or semi-liquid stools) but It was a very dangerous thingIt doesn’t matter if he’s okay now. We have to make some Checks are very important Which he will do as soon as we return to Italy. For me he still wins because he’s my hero.”

    Thanks for everything…it was just crazy and I really am Sorry I can’t keep fighting this A small but tough fight.

    But only in this way will I be able to confront many others, such as those who conquer everything and nothing in life, simply by continuing to be a mere “Paolo”.

    I want to hug you all for all the lovely things I’m reading, and relive a very intense month of my life here. Now I have to Get used to it again I sleep without the sound of this sea and without a crab I want to make a den in the kulo!

    Because the wife is in Mexico

    Many wondered why wife Not yet reached Husband to You used to love mebut it is still in Mexico. In addition to the concern, many have made not-so-cool assumptions that prompted his wife, Stefania, to release a statement on the matter. Instagram:

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