What bonuses can still be used?

    What bonuses can still be used?

    The Cauldron Bonus is still available for Italians, but how can it be used? These are three workarounds that allow patrons the ability to replace their now aging boiler. Let’s see in the following article the details of the story.

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    There is still time (albeit a little) for you to order and receive Cauldron bonus. The Finance Act made important systemic changes to the boiler bonus, in some cases moving EU directives on the matter. So let’s see what bonuses can still be accessed and how to claim them.

    Cauldron Bonus: How to get it with the Regeneration Bonus


    Let’s see first how to get it Cauldron bonus Through restructuring bonus. In this case the discount is 50%. On expenses incurred to a maximum of 96,000 Euro divided into 10 equal annual installments. The discount is valid for the installation of energy class A condensing boilers.

    Boiler Bonus: How to change it with Ecobonus?

    The alternative to the restructuring bonus is the one offered From Ecobonus. This takes the form of a 65% discount on the purchase of a Class A boiler and Class V, VI or VII thermostats. The maximum amount The discount is equal to 60,000 euros at an expense of 120,000 euros With a discount that extends over 10 years.

    Kettle Bonus: How do you get it with Superbonus?

    Finally there is possibility Get the cauldron reward through Superbonus. To change the boiler with Superbonus, it is necessary to purchase one that has at least two higher power classes. Only in this way will it be possible to obtain a major ecological advantage for access to Superbonus.

    Cauldron Bonus: Whose Is It For?

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    Now let’s see who gets the kettle bonus and who can use it. These bonuses can be claimed by those who have a real right of ownership, So do the tenants. The only thing to keep in mind is that to take advantage of this convenience, you will have to use a traceable and cashless method such as cards, debit cards, and wire transfers.

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