What Bergoglio said about Ratzinger

    What Bergoglio said about Ratzinger

    Pope Francesco Not a tribute man. Or at least that’s what he used to do. However, Jesuit Pope Emeritus Joseph Ratzinger often makes an exception. For Jorge Mario Bergoglio, in fact, it was what his predecessor had given him”She has an enlightening education and a true love for the truthAnd the occasion to reaffirm the opinion was known, represented by the annual award Benedict XVI. Over the course of the week, some photos of the honorary intent on speaking to the winners appeared on the web. Ratzinger seemed, as Monsignor George Jenswein predicted, “full of vitality.”

    Come Writes behaviorFor Francis, Ratzinger resides between “Great professors of philosophy and theology of our timeMore than a few Catholic thinkers have suggested, since the German theologian abdicated the throne of Peter, to classify the former Pope among the Doctors of the Church. Bergoglio’s statements can predict this scenario.

    The former Teutonic Pope occupied the “book room” better than the “authority” room: when one comes across an analysis of Ratzinger’s pontificate, this phrase often appears. It could be true. The former Archbishop of Buenos Aires recalls how Benedict XVI continued to write despite sitting on the throne. Ratzinger, in the midst of his pontificate, devoted himself to a true lover Christian Science. Just to reinforce the concept of “room” in which the honorary was better.

    Bergoglio wanted to highlight the importance of the intellectual and theological side of Ratzinger’s work: We don’t forget – said the pope – That Benedict XVI continued to study and write until the end of his pontificate. About ten years ago, while carrying out his responsibilities of government, he was busy completing a trilogy about Jesus, thus leaving us with a unique personal testimony of his constant search for the face of the Lord.”

    A detail to be reckoned with: It should not be easy for the pope to gauge his strength and to devote himself so persistently to the doctrinal interpretation of the perfect earthly ideal of Jesus Christ. One of them, in these three Christian works, glimpses further evidence of how Joseph Ratzinger preferred to devote himself to this kind of activity rather than to a government catholic church. Moreover, it is not a mystery that the papacy was not among Bavaria’s desires and plans.

    Meanwhile, Pope Emeritus received the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Pure pandemicWith his trip to Germany to his brother’s bed, Ratzinger was allowed to continue the “search for the face of God” that Pope Francis had spoken of during the awards ceremony.

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