Western Australia where the lakes are pink

    Western Australia where the lakes are pink

    Pink is the color of water. No, not a bug, not even a poetic license: it is. In Western Australia, the western region which covers a third of the country and is occupied mainly by the arid regions of the Outback, there are two lakes where the waters are pink. And no: It’s not pollution, and nothing to worry about.

    pink color from Hut Lagoon Because of the presence of algae in the waters of the lake: its scientific name is Dunaliella salina, and if exposed to sunlight, this algae produces beta-carotene, that is, the red pigment found in some vegetables, including carrots. Due to its coloring properties, this algae is also grown for use in cosmetics, nutritional supplements, or as a natural food colorant. Hutt Lagoon is located just over an hour’s drive from Geraldton, along the Coral Coast, and covers an area of ​​70 square kilometers. Its unique color takes on different shades and intensity according to the weather and seasons, and is generally more vibrant and bright in the morning. But there is another pink lake in Western Australia, perhaps even more pink than the Hut Lagoon.

    On Middle Island, in the Golden Outback, near Esperance, there is Lake Hillier, which looks pinker, thicker, and more creamy than Hutt Lagoon. It is not yet clear what caused its color: some theories believe that it is due to the presence of certain algae, others believe that it is the action of bacteria that creates these shades of pink, and others see the reason for this. high salinity; In any case, the peculiarity of this lake lies in the constancy of its lively and gentle tones, which do not change over the seasons.

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