Weekend in London, find out what to see

    Weekend in London, find out what to see

    On a weekend in London, you can fully experience the city: thanks to the Underground network, it is possible to visit iconic places in London even in just a few days.

    With more than 11 million people living in the center and hinterland, LondoncapitalEnglandIn addition to both United kingdomand then Paris The most populous city in ancient Europe, the most multi-ethnic by far: the most diverse ethnic groups live in London, perfectly assimilated.

    From 1 October 2021, to get to London (but this applies to all cities in the UK), ID is no longer sufficient, but one must be in possession of passport righteous.

    In practice, after the UK’s exit fromEuropean Union The rules of the Schengen Treaty on the free movement of citizens on European territory no longer exist.

    Furthermore, it is good to know that starting in 2024, just as in the case of the United States, anyone wishing to access London and the United Kingdom will have to requestElectronic travel authorizationthe so-called ETA.

    what do you see

    London is very broad and is divided into 6 concentric districts. Therefore, if your vacation lasts a few days or even just a weekend, it is recommended that you devote yourself only to District 1, the center of the main sights and attractions of the capital.

    At any metro station of the 11 lines that the city owns, it is possible to purchase a weekly pass (only the one for Zone 1 is recommended) or even a one-day travel pass with which you can move freely around the chosen area both on the bus and on the metro. It is also possible to purchase a London Pass with entry to 50 city attractions and the ability to use public transport.

    London Underground, known for its small size the tubeIt is the oldest and most comprehensive network subway In the world.

    London is certainly an expensive city economically, also because of the unfavorable exchange rate between the euro and the pound, the local currency.

    Monuments, squares and museums to visit

    From here it is possible to move south to visit the camels National gallery (Free entry) with the most important masterpieces of European art parliament building (Saturday visit only) With Big Ben, Westminster Abbey (entry fee).

    Always from Trafalgar, you come down The mall has been accessed Buckingham Palace The most famous city park: Hyde Park It is also possible to visit the famous in its surroundings Harrods.

    Moving from Trafalgar to the east it is still possible to visit St Paul’s Cathedral Tower Bridge and Tate Modern Gallerya famous museum of contemporary art.

    To complete the visit to the most important museums of the city, you cannot miss going from the station to Russell Square at the British Museum And close to other famous city park, Regent’s ParkThen stop at Madame Tussauds, the famous wax museum.

    Shopping between stores and markets

    To understand, then, another distinctive aspect of the city we recommend visiting the main markets such as those in Portobello Road (Saturday), Gundam Town (weekends) and Covent Garden (Tuesday to Sunday, every morning)While starting from Piccadilly, it is also possible to visit Regent, Oxford and Bond Streetthe main and most elegant shopping street in London.

    Where to have fun.

    As for the nightlife West End neighborhood It is home to one of the most vibrant areas of London, Sohofull of restaurants, bars and cinemas, but also the red light district.

    Finally, don’t forget either Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circusthe area of ​​\u200b\u200bcinemas and discos.

    Where to stay: hotel or bed and breakfast?

    However, due to the vastness of the city, choosing where to stay is worth paying more to live near a metro station in the center, to be closer to important places and save time. However, it is not lacking in the central regions Oxford Street, Russell Square, St Paul’sRelatively inexpensive bed and breakfast.

    As soon as you find the most suitable housing and move your watch by 1 hour (timezone), immediately go to Trafalgar Square l center West endthe main area for entertainment and attractions.

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