Webuild is the consortium of preferred bidder to build a railway division in Australia

    Webuild is the consortium of preferred bidder to build a railway division in Australia

    L ‘Australian Railways Corporation (Artc) eye Regionerate railwaysa consortium owned by the Plenary Group, Clough and Gs Engineering and Construction, Webuild and Service Stream, as the preferred bidder for the construction of the Gowrie-Kagaru Railway Divisionthe relevant section of the project inner rail, which will pass through Queensland, Australia. The total contract value is more than A$5 billion (€3.27 billion) for design and build, of which about €1.3 billion is in Webuild’s stake. Note announces that.

    Gowrie-Kagaru predicts Construction and modernization of 128 km of railway section It is identified with the more complex section, due to the types of cross geographic areas, on the Ppp Inland Rail project, a 1,700 km railway that will connect Brisbane, in Queensland, to Melbourne, in Victoria. A 6.2 km tunnel is also planned to cross the Great Dividing Range, which will also be, in terms of diameter, the largest fuel tunnel in the Southern Hemisphere. The contract, which will be executed under the PPP system, also provides for a maintenance period of 25 years, after completion of work.

    “Australia is for us one of the most strategic markets globally, given the potential it offers in the sustainable mobility and renewable energy sector. Webuild’s participation in Inland Rail, especially for the more technically complex component, is a source of great pride for us.Because it tells the reputation that the group has been able to build with its employees day in and day out in the country, in one of the most challenging markets in the world from the point of view of quality and skills required”, Pietro Salini, CEO of Webuild. “As a group, we have been in Australia since the 1970sAnd we are gradually expanding into different states, from Western Australia, to New South Wales, to Victoria and now to Queensland. This new project, following the mega contract for North East Link in Melbourne, is the result of the investments we have made in the country over the years, which we want to incorporate over the long term to act as ‘Australians’ to support the challenges clients have to meet to deliver high quality sustainable infrastructure to communities,” concluded Salini.

    Also in Australia, in Perth, Webuild completes an extension Forestfield-Airport LinkTo connect the eastern suburbs railroad to the city center. In Sydney, he built the bridge and bridge for the Skytrain, the heart of the Northwest Sydney Metro. In the snowy mountains, he is building Snowy 2.0, the largest hydroelectric project in the country. The Inland Rail project contract is also Webuild’s second PPP contract in Australia. In Melbourne, the group, in consortium, signed a contract for the initial North East Link PPP package, the largest infrastructure project in the country.

    As a world leader in transportation, remember the note, Webuild boasts “a proven track record that includes the construction of more than 13,600 km of subway and railway lines, more than 80,200 km of roads, 946 km of bridges and overpasses and more than 2,300 km of tunnels and underground works.”. The latest projects include high-speed/high-capacity railways to improve Italy’s connections to Austria, France and the rest of Europe. In Italy, Terzo Valico dei Giovi-Nodo di Genova will strengthen the links between the port of Genoa and the rest of Europe. In the United States, the group signed a contract to build the country’s first true high-speed rail line, connecting Dallas and Houston.”

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