Weather: EXTREME COLD is coming to Canada and the US, here’s what will happen in Italy …

    Weather: EXTREME COLD is coming to Canada and the US, here’s what will happen in Italy …

    Crazy frost in North America
    The cold you see in reference to North America is certainly very intense, we’re talking about -40C at 1,500m, and these are things we don’t remember seeing in Europe on a human level. However, between eastern Canada and the northeastern states of the United States It will be a reality in less than 24 hoursNot a prediction, but a certainty.

    And temperatures will drop to -30 degrees Celsius In several states from Quebec to Ontario in Canada, Maine to New Hampshire, even Vermont and even New York, the temperature will drop 15 degrees below zero. Implementation will take place before the completion of listing your application. Expectations were respected.

    The big cold declared in Italy as of Monday? deleted?
    Let’s say it has been resized and not a bit. Or rather: let’s say that the group of models who didn’t believe in this cold at least win (as it always does), while The one who showed it off in a semi-exaggerated way for days comes out really bad: the American model.

    Here’s what drastically changes the forecast for the coming week:
    1- The inability of that vortex descending from Northern Europe to absorb a good dose of cold from Eastern Europe.
    2 – It is expected to reduce the amount of cold, specifically in Eastern Europe
    3 – The usual understatement of the brutal force of the anti-cyclone that never gives up.

    so what? What will happen?
    Between Sunday evening 5 and Monday 6 February Short-lived precipitation will reach the Alps and northwest regions with snow limiting to the hills in Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna with some snowy moments also in Turin and Cuneo. This phenomenon will affect the coasts of the Upper and Middle Tyrrhenian Seas and Sardinia, before disappearing towards the Balearic Islands.
    We show you depression here:

    It is easy to understand how the greater part of the cold remains floating over the Balkans and only a marginal part is absorbed towards the central Mediterranean.. All that hail that was forecast on Tuesday morning 7th should come down to this at 1500m a good dose of hail has to be mentioned, with -8C on the heads of the middle Adriatic and in the south, but in terms of buildings you’ll understand there’s crumbs left truly:

    More seriously, though, forecasts of snowfall for the Plains now seem reliable enough Directly on Marche, Abruzzo, Molise and Puglia, while on the latest releases There is no trace left From this snowfall.

    In fact, there is still minimal uncertainty about the development from Wednesday 8 onwards, But if it works as planned tonight by the models, the hail will be further reduced and the high pressure, while crushing some to the ground, will block any precipitation ambitions. In other words no snow for anyone or nearly anyone.

    This can be clearly seen from this specially prepared card Wed 8 With the vortex now over Iberia, the cold air over Eastern Europe having trouble following it, and the high pressure gradually returning to take over Italy.

    More annoying, ruthless, but probably truethe development proposed by the European model for the following days: the cold that consumes itself more every day under the pressure of the gradual strengthening of the anticyclone:

    It is clear that one is completely stunned in the face of such modeling about faces; However, it should be noted that many models never fully embraced the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis extended wave of frostbite. We will certainly have a period of winter but only for a few days, and especially in the North-West at this time, for instead rain will be needed like bread, which again will be late.

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