Weather: Europe is divided into two parts: winter in the north, spring in the south and then? All the latest!

    Weather: Europe is divided into two parts: winter in the north, spring in the south and then?  All the latest!

    We have already spoken at length about the failure of the polar vortex in Mediterranean Europe, It was forced to turn its ice tongues towards the west of the continent in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, including Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Denmark and the United Kingdom with cold and snow. After all, the temperature map over the 1,500 meters scheduled for Tuesday, March 7, which we show above, is clear, the continent will be thermally divided into two parts.

    The cooler air at high latitudes that will move towards the Atlantic Ocean will move a more moderate air mass in parallel at the lower latitudes but often wet, in the course of a marked variation on the typical spring pattern, with westerly currents which will again leave much of the north dry, while Although there is not much rain, it will mainly cover the Tyrrhenian side and only marginally, from time to time it may also include the northern frontier Alpine regions and the far north-east.

    Here, for example, are the total expected phenomena for Monday, March 6, according to the American model, the snow limit in the Alps estimated at 1200 m:

    Tuesday 7 It still rains on the Tyrrhenian Sea, but it’s more isolated and dry elsewhere. Wednesday, March 8th A more extensive rainy corridor along most of the Tyrrhenian Sea, snow above 1,700 meters in the alpine valleys bordering the Aosta Valley and Piedmont, still dry in the remaining areas, as you can see from the map below, which shows the situation between 2 and 5 p.m.:

    Thursday 9 still some phenomena in the alpine sectors of the borders of the Aosta Valley, Rain on the Tyrrhenian Sea, but intermittent Fri 10 The last rainy pass of this mini-series should interfere with rain that will move mainly in the Central South, as you can also see from this map:

    Behind this front, slightly cooler air should enter, but only temporarily, Followed by the return of the subtropical cyclone: ​​we will be on Sunday, March 12th With guaranteed sunshine for everyone and temperatures rising again until Tuesday 14 March.

    The surprise, however, could come soon after, Confirmation of the good news we’ve been talking about in this morning’s articles: Wednesday March 15th a small trough in the Mediterranean may finally plunge causing rain and snowfall at high altitudes, this time also in the north. Here it is:

    Will it really be like this? It is normal for forecasts greater than 10 days to require a large number of confirmations, but at the same time, we are still close to these forecasts which are very precious, given how things are going.

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