We teach you how to cook basmati rice without fire and it will always be absolutely perfect

    We teach you how to cook basmati rice without fire and it will always be absolutely perfect
    Basmati rice
    Basmati Rice – Street Food News

    Basmati rice is useful for many delicious recipes and here is how to cook it on low heat to get a flawless result.

    the Basmati rice Widely used in many diets, it is a widespread cereal especially in India and Pakistan and which over time has reached Italian supermarkets. Today many people cannot do without it. It is a unique type of rice because of the way it is used It suits all tastes.

    This rice is light and delicate, just that Perfect to accompany dishes It is based on meat, vegetables, fish and spices just as if you were eating bread, but less heavy. Its name and meaning go back to the Hindi language “Queen of Fragrance”.

    The main reason for its widespread distribution in Europe (and beyond) is related to its substances and nutrients. rice in question him Very low fat content And its flavor is felt even if it is not seasoned with other ingredients, which makes it a reference point on many occasions.

    Basmati rice is loved by everyone digestibility And widely to The absence of glutenIt only contains about 400 calories per 130 grams. There are many ways to cook this type of rice, but here is the method that will allow you to cook it “flameless”.

    Basmati rice cooked without fire: boiled

    Among the many ways to cook basmati rice, there are three that allow you not to use a flame, or rather, Cook them in a very sweet way which makes them delicious and delicate. The first way is It boils. Rice is rich in starch, so it should be rinsed well, it is recommended 3 times, and then soaked for half an hour.

    enough to move on Fill the pot of water covering the rice with water by at least 2 cm. Each cup of rice should correspond to 1.5 cups of water. When it comes to a boil, cover everything with a lid over low heat, keeping the rice covered for at least ten minutes.

    Low flame basmati rice
    Basmati Rice – Street Food News

    Steamed basmati rice and pilaf

    Two other very popular ways to cook rice are in Steam and pilaf. The first is very simple, the amount of water is basic, for a cup of rice equals two cups of water and salt. Once boiling, the flame goes out Cover the rice with a lid For at least half an hour, the steamed rice will be ready.

    there Turkish pilaf technique Instead, it consists of roasting the rice in a pan, pouring the broth over it and cooking it without stirring. It should be served dry and thanks to the fat while the beans are roasting They will be well separated. In this case, for every 200 grams of rice, 2 dl of water is equivalent.

    You should use chopped onion in the broth and some butter to which you add the rice Mix everything Then add the broth. At this point, the flame is raised and brought to a boil, the pot is covered and placed in the oven at 200 degrees for twenty minutes. Your basmati rice pilaf will be ready to be enjoyed.

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