Home Economy We prepare delicious pizza in few minutes thanks to this method

We prepare delicious pizza in few minutes thanks to this method

We prepare delicious pizza in few minutes thanks to this method

Making homemade pizza for the whole family is a Saturday nights tradition. It really is a great idea to try a different evening. Especially in this period, where for obvious reasons we are very limited in the activities we can do for fun. Preparing pizza in your home oven is not difficult at all. Follow some tricks as seen by clicking World Health Organization, It will be possible to offer loved ones a dish very similar to the one in the pizzeria.

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For all tastes

Pizza is a dish that we Italians are very proud of. We are working very well. Indeed, it is great to satisfy all kinds of tastes and preferences. Precisely because we can choose any ingredient to season, pizza is truly capable of satisfying anyone. Usually, however, you have to be very patient when preparing it. Precisely because of the slow rise it requires, it is necessary to wait a long time for an excellent result. Unless you decide to do the following. In fact, we prepare delicious pizza in a few minutes thanks to this method.

Instant yeast

If you don’t have time and want to prepare a pizza in a few minutes, you can substitute yeast for instant yeast. Thanks to this ingredient, in fact, it wouldn’t take us more than twenty-five minutes to be able to serve our dish on the table. So let’s see how to use it. So we prepare delicious pizza in few minutes thanks to this method. The ingredients we will need are instant yeast, flour, salt, oil and sugar.

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We put all the ingredients together in a bowl and start kneading. Continue making the dough until it becomes compact and smooth.

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Obviously, we won’t have to wait any time for it to appear. So let’s put the dough directly into a ready-to-go frying pan oven That we have copied to two hundred degrees. Before this step, we will obviously choose the pizza topping. For the classic margarita case, put some tomato sauce and small slices of mozzarella cheese. We season everything with oil and bake for no more than ten minutes. With fifteen minutes of preparation and ten minutes of cooking, an excellent pizza is ready to serve and enjoy.

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