“We have to work together to reach the result, and I hope a solution will be found by Easter” – Targatocn.it

    “We have to work together to reach the result, and I hope a solution will be found by Easter” – Targatocn.it

    He is worried about Kunio’s delicate health situation, but at the same time he wants to look to the future with optimism. Bosca Mayor Marcus GallusAnd President of the Mayors Conference From ASL Cn1 intervenes a few days after the resignation of the General Director of the Santa Croce and Carli Hospital in Cuneo Ellis Azzanand those of the Director of Health Monica Ribora: “The issue requires special attention and will inevitably cause concern to the city of Cuneo and all the lands. However, I am convinced that the district will be able to find the right solution within a few days.”

    to cock There are two problems that need to be addressed head on: “First of all, the stability of the Santa Croce hospital which needs guidance from a sanitary and organizational point of view, and then there is the issue of the new hospital. We all want to see the construction site started, and at the same time we hope so for the Saluzzo and Savigliano hospitals. At this delicate and unclear stage The certainties that we had until recently are lacking. But, I repeat, I am sure the district will find a square. Names are being worked out and there will be first availability.”

    Among the names that are circulated with insistence is the name Joseph GuerraSaviglianese, Guerra was also an extraordinary Covid emergency commissioner, again in the context of Cn1. “Guerra is a capable person and quite an all-consuming name – he comments cock -, But the decision is up to Syrio and Icardi. I hope the situation will be resolved before Easter.”

    and closes: “I believe that Cuneo, ASL CN1 and the whole region should work together so that these hospitals are built. As a conference of mayors, we made a choice at that time to build the new Cuneo hospital in Karl district, and therefore we must continue on this line. We have to work together to reach To the result, this is not the time for quarrels and blame for what we have done.

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