‘We do not follow the European Union’: Turkey does not impose sanctions on Russia

    'We do not follow the European Union': Turkey does not impose sanctions on Russia

    there Turkey I decided not to apply Penalties In the Russia. Or, alternatively, she chose to continue the path she had already taken at the beginning of The conflict in Ukraine. In fact, Ankara on the one hand, as all countries do Boy, condemned the attack on Moscow. On the other hand, he chose to maintain friendly relations with Kremlin.

    Breakup regarding transfers United States of America And the European Union Which earned Anatolia the role of one of the main mediators. The Minister of Foreign Affairs renewed the Turkish line, Mouloud Cavusoglu.

    “We will not follow the European Union in sanctions – announced the owner of the diplomacy of Ankara, speaking at the Antalya Forum – we will not impose sanctions on Russia.” After all, Turkey and Russia have been pursuing important files together for years, starting with Syrian And the Libyan. Here they have different positions, but they are the agreements between put it in And the Erdogan to maintain balance.

    Hence the choice of Ankara on good relations with Ukraine. Kyiv appreciated the Turkish decision to close the entrances to the Black Sea to Russian warships. Although the Moscow Fleet operating off the Ukrainian coast has now arrived in the region, Erdogan’s decision has won praise from Ukrainian President Zelensky.

    It is no coincidence that the first bilateral between the foreign ministers of Moscow and Kiev since the beginning of the conflict took place in Antalya last Thursday. Even if it did not yield good results, the event in any case launched Turkey as the champion in mediating between the two sides.

    “The positions of Russia and Ukraine have somehow come close,” Cavusoglu told the agency tax As a representative of a neutral country, I can say that serious discussions between them continue. Among the topics on the discussion board there will be above all neutrality Ukraine and Kiev’s eventual abandonment of NATO membership.

    Those involved directly confirmed a diplomatic glimmer in the past hours. Speaking with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that some progress had been made in the talks. They also talked from Kyiv about progress and the possibility of holding a meeting between the delegations in Jerusalem. The truth is that Israel and Turkey are doing a delicate mediation.

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