We are evaluating additional police officers.

    We are evaluating additional police officers.

    This week’s events are a clear indication: There is a crime emergency in the province of Cosenza And the impression is that it is not something that is attributed only to the Tyrrhenian Sea of ​​Cosenza.

    In recent days, however, attention has been paid to the western coast of Calabria Two separate episodes re-shed light on the existence of crime in the Upper Tyrrhenian region of Cosenza.. In Diamante, three Brieight buses were destroyed by flames, while just a few hours later, a fire caused by arson destroyed a beach in Scalea, a town a few kilometers from Diamante.

    In both cases there was no lack of solidarity on the part of the institutions, but then concrete action was needed. Precisely for this reason I have gathered in the province of Cosenza Regional Committee for Public Order and Safety, in which the directors of the respective municipalities also participated. Events which, however, are not new in the province of Cosenza, and we have often spoken of them in recent months Crime emergency in the Ionian region of Cosenza, from Corigliano Rossano to Trebisaki, to name a few. The other common denominator is the insufficient police presence. In this sense, An increase in garrisons and men was among the requests made by the prefect of Cosenza, Vittoria Ciaramellahe assesses: “There is maximum interest from the forces of the regime,” said the ruler, “we are evaluating a series of initiatives as well as other principles of the forces of the regime.”

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