Water rationing in France and Spain, Argentina losing 40% of crops – Corriere.it

    Water rationing in France and Spain, Argentina losing 40% of crops – Corriere.it

    Alpine glaciers reduced to a minimum, the Po as dry as in the height of summer, and Lake Garda so low as to make a few small islands within walking distance: Italy Beginning Photos Already in the spring to deal with record drought It is only a (minuscule) part of the problem. Water Scarcity In fact, it has already infected the entire planet: Some local governments have already introduced rationing measures, other regions are already incurring huge economic losses, and the number of people killed and people forced off their lands is still in other regions. everyone On the eve of World Water Day, which will be celebrated tomorrow.

    * The Big Picture – According to the Copernicus Observation Service operated by the European Space Agency and the European Union i2022 was the driest year in 500 years. Now there are all the places where 2023 won’t be better; But the winter that just ended was the heaviest rainy season in at least 60 years. In fact, 2 billion cubic meters of water is stored less than the average in the AlpsThis resulted in a water deficit of 60%, compared to 57% a year ago. father Turin has one Average range is 15 meters per second instead of 60 meters per second from this season.

    * First cuts in Europe – With the onset of summer, when the demand for water increases, so does the demand for water in some European countries The first forms of savings have already been implemented. in France – Where the interior has been the driest since 1959 – Some regions are already experiencing water outages, for example the Pyrenees Orientales or the Bouches-du-Rhône. In the Var, 87 municipalities already have problems with their water canals. Government of Spain Catalonia intends to set a daily consumption limit of 230 liters per person. In Barcelona some green spaces are no longer watered. in German Navigation on the Rhine Boats with less “draft” have previously been subject to restrictions. in Turkey also municipalities of Ankara, Bursa and Canakkale They cut off the water services.

    * In Argentina the yield is less than 40% Even large areas of South America are dealing with such a drought They had not seen each other for at least 60 years. Particularly impressed Argentine breadbasket: Here estimates say so There is a risk of losing between 40 and 50% of the grain crop and soybeans. For the country’s economy, it means a loss Between 8 and 10 billion dollars.

    * Somalia: millions flee Many parts of the Horn of Africa are facing the sixth year in a row with almost no rain. United Nations Secretary Antonio Guterres It was mentioned in Somalia alone 8.7 million people need assistance Immediate: Most of them decided to migrate from the normally inhabited rural areas in order to survive. Drought in 2022 According to the 2022 report, It has already cost the lives of nearly 43,000 people.

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