Water heater: costs half of the bill and you have to learn how to use it well or you can’t

    Water heater: costs half of the bill and you have to learn how to use it well or you can’t

    It alone is worth 70% of the energy consumption, but if you use it well it consumes very little. Let’s see what to do and what mistakes to avoid.

    The water heater is a household appliance It is common in many Italian homes But few people know that it is one of those that are consumed the most. When we think of the most power-hungry devices, they usually come to mind Refrigerator and air conditioner. With high bills burdening families, it is important to have a good understanding of which real appliances consume the most and how to contain these payments.

    Water heater costs half of the bill – ilovetrading.it

    Arrera sounded the alarm for the coming months. In fact, according to the Energy Authority, it appears that Gas may increase by 15% In the fourth quarter, energy could see another 25% increase. It’s just speculation for now, but if it’s confirmed, it’s a simple matter About 300 euros per family. Consumer associations are concerned with these matters New wheels are coming Also because families have already experienced very high bills today.

    Mistakes to avoid in this energy intensive device

    It is always helpful to remember those household appliances It should never be kept on standby Because they consume the same thing, but special attention should be paid to the water heater. Many people use a water heater without realizing it range of energy density But this is wrong. This tool Take advantage of the joule effect: heat is generated by electricity When flowing in resistance then given to water.

    Learn how to use a water heater – ilovetrading.it

    According to the latest research water heater 1000 watts are lit six hours a day It consumes about 2,000 kWh per year. On the other hand, if we make the big mistake of keeping them on all the time, that in itself will affect the bill up to 70%. It may seem like an exaggerated number but unfortunately it is. In fact, its consumption is much more powerful than that From the shameful fridge a lot. But let’s see some tricks to reduce its consumption in the bill.

    Thermostats and usage times

    The most important thing is Set the thermostat correctly. It will be set to approx 50 degrees in the winter and 40 degrees in the summer. Rising temperatures will not only make our home life more comfortable but it will make us spend more. also Using flow reducers will save us money Because we will consume less water and need to hold it for less time.

    A good idea is to keep it running Only during power saving hours That is, at night. However it is always important Try to use as little water as possible. If the blue gold is wasted, the sting will be on the energy bill due to the water heater and also on the water bill.

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