Watch the Super Mario Bros. cast. Sing a classic franchise theme song

    Watch the Super Mario Bros. cast.  Sing a classic franchise theme song

    The Super Mario Bros. movie cast sings. Wonderfully classic soundtrack to the video game series with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots. Directed by Michael Horvath and Michael Jelinek, the upcoming film brings the biggest characters from the popular video game to life with a star-studded cast that includes Christ Pratt as Mario, Charlie Day as Luigi, Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach and Jack Black. like a camper.

    The cast joined The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and his in-house band, The Roots, for an a cappella rendition of the video game theme song. Watch the video below:

    The bizarre video sees Pratt, Taylor-Joy, Day and Black join the rest of the cast from the Super Mario Bros. movie. , including Seth Rogen (Donkey Kong), Keegan Michael-Key (Toad) and Fred Armisen (Cranky Kong). . The video features some classic animations from the games and a surprise party from Nintendo game director and creator Mario Shigeru Miyamoto.

    What do you expect from a Super Mario Bros. movie?

    The upcoming new movie plans to overcome the critical and commercial disappointment of 1993’s Super Mario Bros. by upping its animation quality. The trailers highlight the stunning 3D animation that Nintendo and Illumination use to capture the game’s aesthetics and characters. With Nintendo’s knowledge of the original games and Illumination’s success making similar animated films like Minions, the partnership appears to be working towards a satisfying game adaptation.

    The exciting aspect of the movie is the Easter eggs expected from the games. Based on the trailers, the upcoming movie is already teasing reconnections of classic game locations, characters, and abilities, such as Mario Kart Racing Rainbow Road and Yoshi’s Island, first introduced in Super Mario World 2. The trailers also showcased power-ups from the games, such as coins Golds and shells that are thrown to face opponents in Mario Kart.

    The movie will take many elements from different games in the Mario universe rather than just Super Mario. However, the film adaptation also shapes its creative path in a number of ways, such as the role that Princess Peach Taylor-Joy will play in the story. In this new adaptation, Luigi appears to be in trouble, while Princess Peach is portrayed with greater depth of character as a strong and capable queen who must use her powers to defend the Mushroom Kingdom. With nostalgia for the games and new creative directions, the Super Mario Bros. Movie is the next big hit based on a video game franchise.

    Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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