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The Office Finale Matrix Prank

Matrix Prank Conclusion Office

when the desk The series’ final episode aired in 2013, and began with a simple brevity of what had happened to Dunder-Mifflin employees in the year since the documentary camera crew stopped following them. But the final episode of the sitcom in the workplace on NBC almost made its return to its cool open prank and a joke played on Dwight Schrute, and you can finally see it in full.

Originally Disturbing in the cast table that was read for the series finale (an added feature has been available for some time), the original cold-conquest finds Jim (John Krasinski(And bam)Gina Fisher(Detail prank play on Dwight)Ryan WilsonBased on the 1999 science fiction action movie The matrix. See who offers Dwight the choice between the red pill and the blue pill in an unprecedented pill the desk Conclusion Matrix A joke below.

Matrix Prank Conclusion Office

Taking several references from The matrixIncluding the experience of Dr.éjà vu with a black cat and handing over a cell phone, Dwight finds himself recruited by a security guard Hank (the late Hugh Dean(Honored at the end of the clip), who also happens to be Dorfius, the brother of Lawrence Fishburne’s character Morpheus from the movie. He explains that the movie was created by his team in order to prepare people to accept the fact that The Matrix is ​​real, and now he needs Dwight’s help to fight the machines. You’ll have to watch the full clip to see how Dwight responds.

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While I love to recreate the classic cold open joke, this clip illustrates the shortcomings of the last few seasons of the desk. Although the final season was able to get back to what made the series so great in the beginning, this cold opening was too elaborate for a joke to be believed. Part of the charm the desk Is that the actors felt like real people in the real world, but as the series continued, it started turning into far-fetched comic formulas, especially with Jim’s pranks. So while this clip is amusing, it’s clear why it was cut.

The peacock released this cold that had never been seen before the desk A closing ceremony to celebrate the series’ arrival on NBCUniversal. The show has been a staple of Netflix streaming for years, but is now exclusively available on Peacock, and they are too Offer extended discounts from different episodes Which has not been continuously available in the broadcast or replay since it was first shown during the original playback of the show. However, if you want to watch any episodes after Season Two, you will have to Sign up for the premium version of Peacock Instead of the free version.

the desk It’s now available on Peacock and no longer on Netflix, but you can also watch a marathon of episodes on Comedy Central throughout this weekend.

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