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Was it my son? A movie that must be rediscovered

  Was it my son?  A movie that must be rediscovered

Milan – The cast will suffice. It would be (re) enough to finally see William Hurt as well as admire the last work of Peter Fonda and Christopher Plummer before their disappearance. A riverside dialogue between two Marvel heroes, Samuel L. Jackson and Sebastian Stan, or out of place Nick Fury and Bucky Barnes will suffice. And we still haven’t mentioned Ed Harris and Diane Ladd. In conclusion, Was my son More than a simple movie, it is one of those titles that would have reaped the wealth of cinemas in the eighties thanks to word of mouth and honest cinema capable of mixing civic commitment with entertainment, between Victims of war By De Palma e Detachment By Stone. But no, because due to the epidemic and the closure of theaters, after the US release in January 2020, the movie was lost, and it ended up going live (you can find it Who is the).

Was my son
Sebastian Stan with Christopher Plummer in Who Was My Son.

Reasons to restore it? There really is a lot. Beyond the Actors, Really Unbelievable, Here’s the True Story, the story of pilot William Hart Pittsenberger (played by Jeremy Irvine, remember War horse?), Who fell in the 1966 war in Vietnam after saving dozens of soldiers, but was never rewarded as he deserved: the Medal of Honor, the highest military honor bestowed by the United States government. A forgotten story Even rampant attorney Scott Hoffman (Sebastian Stan, what a nice surprise) wants to ignore and dismiss it ASAP, definitely too busy with his career in the Pentagon and his lovely family (his wife Alison Sudol) Fantastic monsters).

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Was my son
Veteran: Ed Harris in a scene of Who Was My Son.

A nuisance that Scott introduces as a veteran, Thomas Tolle (agonizing William Hurt, which deserves a separate article) who wants to try to give Bitzenberger what he deserves, even after thirty years. We’re not revealing much, just that Ray (Ed Harris), Jimmy (Peter Fonda, who disappeared soon after and who the movie is dedicated to), Bailey (Samuel L. Jackson) and Shawnsey (John Savage) were also part of that faction, not of Surprising that a friend the hunter), Four actors who deserve the entire movie on their own, but there are also spouses Christopher Plummer and Diane Ladd, the poor Bitzenberger parents who saw him leave and never return.

Was my son
Marvel Boys: Sebastian Stan tricking Samuel L Jackson.

In conclusion, Last full measurement – which originally took its title from Lincoln’s Gettysburg address (Last full measurement, Or sacrifice) – it’s precisely a movie that was made in Hollywood three decades ago, a well-established cinema that can be seen and recommended, a cinema capable of entertaining and making people think, excite and think. Inside, there are three stories constantly intertwined (sometimes even remember The Battle of Hacksaw Ridge Written by Mel Gibson), who vacillates between political thriller, war film, and pure melodrama, with no less than five truly remarkable moments (the trip to Vietnam, with John Savage’s monologue among plants and butterflies, is really cool). Do yourself a favor: find out. It simply cannot be missed.

  • Here you can see Was my son at flow.
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