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Want to come to our house: Ocean Viking is asking to come down

Want to come to our house: Ocean Viking is asking to come down

The landing of migrants continues Lampedusa. Climate conditions in the Sicily Channel are approaching spring today, and this is what has led to the exodus of others from the other side of the Mediterranean. A boat with 67 people was rescued this morning Coastguard And they entered the port of Lampedusa.

Once disembarked, the migrants were transported to the local reception center in the Imbriacula region. Here the health authorities implemented Tampons For new guests at the facility, which is operational again after a sudden spike in landings in recent days.

Between Thursday and Friday At least 300 migrants have arrived in Lampedusa. They include many Tunisians, but the road of greatest concern is actually the Libyan one. according toOimMore than a thousand immigrants left Libya last week. The last boat rescued by the coast guard, according to information provided by the same people who landed, left the Libyan city. the corner.

Meanwhile, the ship was activated in Lampedusa Allegra, one of them The government uses it to quarantine newly disembarked migrants. At home, many of those who arrived along our coasts in recent days have been forced up. Also, 55 rescued migrants were taken on board another boat on Friday.

It can also be seen that the Libyan route is the most disturbing of ship activities Ong. The Viking ocean It has 422 migrants on board, who have been rescued off the coast of Libya in at least three separate rescue operations.

And now the crew of the French NGO ship Mite mediterranean They really asked for a safe haven. Appeals have been made to this effect to the Governments of Malta and Italy. So, after entering Open Arms on January 5th A.D. Porto Empedocle With 265 migrants on board and after the arrival of the same Ocean Viking at the end of January Augusta With 363 people, one of our ports can now host another NGO ship.

Meanwhile, the ship is also operating in the central Mediterranean astral From Open your arms. The latter yesterday identified a boat with 45 people on board, then the Italian coast guard rescued it and escorted it back to Lampedusa. Activists of the Spanish NGO can also join those who will bring other migrants to Italy in the coming hours. Until Sunday evening, conditions in the Mediterranean were actually favorable for a new departure from Libya and it is possible that in the area where Astral is operating other boats can be seen.

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