Volkswagen, the new Tiguan arrives: a true marvel

    Volkswagen, the new Tiguan arrives: a true marvel
    Here is the new Tiguan, a lot of news about the German SUV (Web)

    The German automaker has lifted the veil over its latest innovation, promising to surprise SUV fans around the world. The new generation of Tiguan features a bold and modern design, along with cutting-edge technologies and outstanding performance. With a blend of elegance and power, this vehicle presents itself as an irresistible option for those looking for a classy SUV.

    With the arrival of models with engines that are completely innovative and revolutionary compared to the past, we were certainly surprised by the presentation and the release of the first rumors about what could be the new version of the Tiguan. In fact, the SUV produced by the German company will still feature the past in some respects while for other characteristics it will follow the line chosen by Volkswagen for the new generation cars.

    In the midst of this we are faced with an SUV in all respects, starting with the dimensions. Turning to the design, however, the first differences from the previous versions of this model are already noticeable and in fact there are many innovations here.

    Traffic is clearly the final section of performance which also in this case offers all the quality of engines that Volkswagen has to offer.

    Here is the innovation and tradition of the new Tiguan

    As we said, for those who had hoped to find themselves somewhere else very similar to their predecessors, they were content. In fact, the new Tiguan in its third edition will take on many of the cars that have marked the history of this model. In fact, the general appearance is that of an SUV with all the characteristics that buyers of this type of car like.

    As we said, the dimensions of the car have been revised by a few extra centimeters both in terms of the overall length of the car and in terms of wheelbase. On the other hand, the exterior design has undergone some modernization with the softening of the square shapes that characterized previous models in favor of much lighter lines.

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    Even in the field of infotainment, we are faced with a hybrid between traditional models and complete innovation with a touch screen that will still have buttons outside the screen and integrated directly into the dashboard of the car.

    Regarding the available engines, we will have petrol and diesel models. But obviously the most interesting part concerns the petrol engine with the addition of the plug-in hybrid.

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