Home Economy Volkswagen ID.Life: the small car of the future “on tap”

Volkswagen ID.Life: the small car of the future “on tap”

Volkswagen ID.Life: futura utilitaria “alla spina”

Compact but ASSAI ALIVE – By 2030, Volkswagen aims to increase the share of all-electric models in total car sales: in Europe to at least 70% and in North America and China to more than 50%. To achieve these goals, the Volkswagen ID.2, projected by the concept car identity and life (in the pictures), which was first shown at the 2021 Munich Motor Show. It is based on a more compact variant of the Modular Platform (MEB), which was developed specifically for the battery-powered segment. With its 234-horsepower electric motor, combined with front-wheel drive, ID. Life, according to the manufacturer’s data, accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in 6.9 seconds, while the 57 kWh battery allows an autonomy estimated by the house at about 400 km.

Environmental care – Line Volkswagen ID It is necessary, with a flat roof and hood, and a “live” side with many ribs. Cameras and a monitor replace both exterior and interior mirrors. Several details emphasize a special attention to the environment: sawdust is used as a natural pigment for the paint, and the roof and hood are made from 100% recycled bottles; Organic oils, natural rubber and rice glue are the materials that are used as the basis for ID.Life tires.

Come by car in – Minimal Interiors Volkswagen ID, characterized by the bridge on two levels, the lower part of the wood; The hexagonal (touchscreen) display that serves as the instrument panel is integrated into the steering wheel (with the top “cut”). The windshield also acts as a screen to give the possibility, when the car is parked, that you can play video games or watch a movie, even when lying in the car: by folding the front seats and the sofa, an airplane of about two meters in length. , which can accommodate two people. We will see the production version of the Volkswagen ID, life will not be before 2025, it will be different in some details compared to this prototype; As mentioned, the name will also be different: Supposedly ID.2, as it will be the “little sister” of the battery-powered vehicle, and is already on sale. Prices: approx 20,000 euros.

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